Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How To Start A Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe

Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Make Money, Eliminate Wasted Time, And Learn The Shortcuts To Success In the Coffee Shop Business”? Are you evaluating whether to start or buy a coffee shop & espresso café business? Have you researched the coffee shop franchise, business opportunities and business for sale classifieds looking for that perfect little coffee shop to call your own? http://homeincomeportal.com/obhmy365/clickbank.htm

Are you scared that you might not know what you DON’T know? Do you fear those pitfalls and want to short-circuit them? Are you hoping to find someone, anyone, who will tell you the dirty secrets of the coffee shop & espresso cafe business so you won’t get taken? That’s what our ebook, Espresso Business Mistakes is all about. How To Start A Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe but not without this must have tell-it-all book. In January 2003, we were exactly where you are.

We researched the Internet, classifieds; we qualified for more types of franchises than we care to talk about. We met with business owners who were selling. We met with business brokers – all just to try to find the right fit. We thought to start a coffee shop & espresso café business would be perfect for Debbie. It afforded a very social, relationship driven type of business, in a food / beverage category that she LOVED.

And the retail coffee shop and espresso café business did in fact satisfy those needs and more. Startling facts about what nOT to do to Start Your Coffee Shop & Espresso Cafe
If you are like we were, you’re well educated, sophisticated, have some capital and assets, and a strong desire to get OUT of the corporate employment game. http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=930359-0000&PA=1218927

You’ve probably found a dozen websites and companies who will give you all kinds of great advice, videos, tips and books on “How To Start” your coffee shop & espresso cafe business.
There is no shortage of such guru’s. However, believe it or not, most of that advice is free on the Internet or you can buy with $20 books from Amazon.

In fact, before we bought or started our coffee shop espresso café, we hired two “guru” consultants. We bought their tapes, books and consulting services. $6,000 later, we were hardly prepared for the “real world” as we held our Grand Opening.
Oh sure, they gave us all their canned advice. There were several things that helped us. But the fact is, the good stuff we received from them was maybe worth $1,000.

What we can tell you is that you don’t need to spend anywhere near that amount of your precious capital to learn what you need to know to successfully open and run a retail coffee shop and espresso café. What NOT to do? Do NOT hire those expensive hotshot consultants. Which of our mistakes could save you $257,000?...Click Here To find Out.. http://homeincomeportal.com/obhmy365/fp51.htm

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