Thursday, March 29, 2007

Create And Publish Multimedia Products.

Here are just a few key features you will learn on this interview.
The most important item in a video is not what you think. Find out what is and how to use it. Discover the biggest mistake every newbie multimedia producer makes when getting started and how to keep from falling into the same trap that they do. Most people are looking at creating videos completely wrong. Find out the easy way that the big Internet gurus are using to make money with videos on the Web. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

I could easily charge $97 for this interview, but for a limited time, you get access to this "We Revealed ALL" talk completely FREE of charge. Plus You Get... The Complete Transcript of this Interview ($97 Value) You will be able to download and read every word of this interview whenever you want. Plus You Get... Video On Multimedia ($47 Value)

This 12:54 minute video on Multimedia shows you why this is the hottest thing since browser graphics. Imagine, at one time the web was only a bunch of text. Then came graphics and now there's Multimedia on the Web. This video has sound so turn on your speakers to listen. Also, the video player has a scrub bar and normal "play, pause and stop" controls so you can watch just what you want, go back to review, and pause or stop the video. This video uses the same techniques as we use in our training videos in Multimedia Profits Revealed.. Get It Here..

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