Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Risk Of Business Partnership

When you begin your own business you take a lot of risks that are naturally involved. One of the many risks you may face is issues or concerns with going into business with outside investors. You may have to take a bank loan or perhaps there is someone you know who has faith in your business and decides to loan you start up money. No matter who exactly is providing the funds, using outside investors can create some nasty situations. Here are three examples of this and keep them in mind to help protect your business.

You may face added pressure to your life, pressure on top of pressure. When you choose to use outside financial backers you run the risk of those persons putting extra and unneeded pressure in your business life. Running your business can be stressful enough. There is so much to keep track of and a lot of juggling with your time. Your backers may do a lot of checking up on you with phone calls or emails.

Wondering exactly what is happening with the business and how profitable it has become. You really want to feel comfortable with the person you get financial assistance from. Someone who is patient and understanding as your business grows. Partner with someone who is emotionally supportive as well as supportive with money.

Money can bring out the worst in people. People can be full of greed, selfishness and become persistently pushy. You may hear a lot of talk about being paid back soon. They may begin to say that they should be earning part of your profit since they loaned money to start your business. Backers can become overly pushy with questions on how the business is flourishing. This can all lead to some rather emotional outbreaks at times. Its best to set guidelines with your loan officer or silent backer pre-loan to prevent these issues from ever occurring.

Unfortunately some discussions of money lead to court appearances and lawsuits. When people become heated over money they can be quick with their tongue and create a falling out of business partnerships. It can often be prevented but if this should arise be smart. Do not let emotions take control. Try to keep a cool head and concentrate on being fair about the situation and to get it resolved quickly.

Business involves money and money can create problems. Your safest way to prevent any issues with your outside investor is to create out strict guidelines to keep all of the above out of your life. If you make sure that both parties agree on these guidelines, you are sure to have a much more successful business outcome.

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