Monday, April 23, 2007

Easy Blogger Creator Pro

Blogger Bashing is quite the rage these days. Just ask around in any forum and you'll hear a loud choir of voices saying that Blogger blogs are yesterday's news. That they're only for newbies or people who are too "technically challenged" to set up a "real" blog, like WordPress. But guess what? They're wrong! Dead wrong. You see, the Blogger snobs are conveniently leaving out one simple undeniable fact... that Blogger is owned by Google, the undisputed king of search engines.

So... If you're a smart marketer who's looking to get your web pages spidered, indexed and have lots of keyword rich backlinks pointing back to those pages...which makes more sense? Creating blogs owned by the company that processes more than 100 million searches per day... or creating blogs that let you use themes and plugins? Look if you want to be fashionable, go set up your pretty little WordPress blog or futz around with some easy-on-the-eyes, boutique content management system.

But if you think for one single solitary moment, that Google isn't going to give more love to one of their own... then you are sadly mistaken. Do you really believe that Google would have spent more than a years' time and tens of millions of dollars upgrading the entire Blogger platform, if that wasn't true? Not likely. So please, read on and learn how you can put the power of Blogger to work for you... like never before. You'll discover the stealth tool than can literally build hundreds of unique, themed Blogger blogs in just a few short minutes and then organically grow them slowly over time.

Blogs & SEO..

By now, it's crystal clear, that blogs should be an integral part of any online marketing effort. After all, blogs are SEO friendly, offer rapid indexing and inclusion... and are a great way to get your other domains spidered. So, doesn't it make really good sense to add blogs (and lots of them) to your overall marketing and SEO strategy... especially blogs hosted by the # 1 search engine in the world? You bet it does.

Only one problem... building Blogger blogs, en masse, is a tedious and time consuming process. Always has been. It starts by having to create a Google account with a unique e-mail and password. And then wading through multiple pages of settings, picking out a template and then finally publishing your blog to the web. And what about pinging, adding posts and getting comments into your blog? Not to mention how to populate them with ads or keyword-rich links back to your other websites.

And now, with all the changes happening because of the switch over to Blogger Beta... it's gotten even worse! So what's the answer? Automation, of course. Look. What if there was a rapid fire way to not only build hundreds of Blogger blogs, but also put them on auto-pilot... so that they grew gradually and naturally, like a blog maintained by a living, breathing human being?

How would it feel to own hundreds and hundreds of Blogger blogs that...

Contained coherent titles and genuine names.
Slowly filled with topical posts, relevant articles and pertinent RSS feeds.
Automatically added random comments.
Were embedded with contextual ads and themed keyword links.
Are neatly linked together to form an easy-to-index niche portal.
And more importantly, what if they looked like someone actually put some thought and effort into it?

Blogs that provided real content and value. Because if you think for a moment that Google can't tell if you're just throwing up cheesy spam blogs (splogs). Just ask the scores of people who have had their blogs CAPTCHA'd by the Google police. With more than 100 PhD's and thousands of Google contractors spread throughout the world, you can be absolutely sure that Big Brother is watching.

New year. New rules.

Listen carefully. The days of throwing up a blog, jam-packing it with link-filled posts and then pinging the heck out of it, are long gone. The New Blogger will have NONE of that. No, if you want to succeed in playing in the new Blogger environment, then you'd better get a clue and implement a smart game plan. So what's the solution? Glad you asked. It's called Easy Blogger Creator Pro.. Get It Here..

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