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Starting A Home Sewing Business
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Go from Beginner to Sewing Expert in No Time!”

It would seem that a lot of folks agree that the time is right for starting a home business. In fact, half of the 1.5 million businesses that launched in 2005 were home based and two thirds of them were started by women.

Many are starting a home business on a part time basis, while keeping their full time occupation until the business can support them and their families.

One flight attendant, for example, is a dressmaker part time. Starting a home business for her was the result not only of a love for fabric and creation but the uncertainty of the airline industry’s future. She lives just outside New Orleans and specializes in Mardi Gras costumes and evening wear.

Starting a home sewing business has been a dream since she was only 12 years old. Now 41, she honed her skills as an assistant to the costume designer for a local theatre group and then did some designing for a theme park near her home town.

Once she decided on starting a home business as a vocation while working full time she turned her dining room into her sewing studio by dipping into her meager savings. She bought fabric, patterns, sewing cabinet, bobbins, thread and needles. Her first job was for a local fabric store and those folks spread the word about her new home business.

The advantages of her starting a home business as a part time while still working was that she could refrain from drawing a salary, putting the business profit into equipment such as new sewing machines, industrial size steam irons, hemmers a commercial press and cutting table.

She also brought her family on board, making her husband the company accountant and letting their four children help in whatever capacity their age and talents allowed.

One year after starting her home business she is doing well enough to cut back on her flight attendant hours. It is her dream to run her home business full time eventually and is well on her way with ten regular clients. Now she carries a portable sewing machine with her on flights with layovers and sews when she can. For this entrepreneur starting a home business is truly a success story.

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