Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Growth Of Affiliate Marketing Software

With the number of businesses realizing the growth of affiliate marketing, the promotion of affiliate marketing software to implement the programs is also growing as well as maturing. Being able to effectively and accurately track sales and leads generated by an affiliate sales force is important to maintain the integrity of your affiliate program. Additionally, a new form of affiliate marketing is rising above the horizon with pay for calls tracking promotions in which potential customers can call you based on advertising from affiliates.

This new venue of affiliate marketing goes beyond the tracking of internet customes and which site they are coming from. It is useful to those who do not have access to internet service as well as those who prefer to speak to someone offline. Typically, it works similar to internet affiliate programs, which track visitors based on a code imbedded into the affiliate links. It can involve a different phone number for each referring site or more financially prudent, will enable you to establish different extension numbers according to the affiliate sending you the call.

For example, each site will have a different extension number it refers the caller to, which identifies which affiliate will get credit for any sale. Pay per call affiliates will likely be limited to those companies for which an appointment may be needed, such as carpet or vacuum sales, it could conceivably be used for virtually any business for customers to contact offline. The majority of affiliate marketing software today is designed for online affiliate marketing. When a website signs up as an affiliate, you have the option for automatic acceptance of that site into the program, or to require a site inspection first.

Once approved, the software will assign a specific code for that affiliate and generate links that include the code for identifying that affiliate on visits by that sites visitors. The software will also leave a cookie on visitors computers to track subsequent visits to insure the initial referring site gets credit for those visits as well. If the visitor regularly removes cookies from their machine, any subsequent visits will not be properly tracked, if they go straight to your site instead of returning to the referring affiliate.

As each affiliate visits your site to obtain new links, the affiliate marketing software can allow them to download new links with the proper code. Otherwise you would have to have someone available to generate the link code each time an affiliate wanted to change the link they are using for your site. Most software also allows you to make global changes to your program details, meaning that changing the information one time, changes it on every link generated in the future..

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