Friday, January 26, 2007

Trade Currencies For Profits.

Four Reasons Why 241 Forex Is Different:

It helps you to start trading successfully within 24 hours. Yes 1 day! The 24-1 differentiator. It gives you 2 different trading systems for the price of 1. The 2-4-1 differentiator. It is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders. The Keep Your Own Pace differentiator. It can be tweaked to fit your own style of trading. The "Personalize It" differentiator.

We would like to show you how you can start making profitable currency trades or improve your current trades in the next 24 hours using 241Forex.

But first you need to know what 241Forex is not:

It's not just an inexpensive e-book teaser with general
information to make you buy another expensive product.

It doesn't have any material that can be found at any
trading site for free, in order to have more pages.

It doesn't cover every strategy imaginable for trading so
at the end you don't know what to do.

It is not a get rich quick scheme promising results that not
even George Soros or Warren Buffet can get.

A lot of trading courses and manuals fall into one or more of the above categories. This doesn't mean they are bad or you can't learn anything from them, but why go through a couple of hundred pages when what you really need is 20 or 30 to learn the same or more stuff? That's what 241Forex is all about. In 24 hours or less you will be ready to make successful trades.

Here Is What The System Includes:

Two unique trading systems.

One swing trading system and one intraday trading system.

The swing trading system looks to take larger moves ranging from 100-300 pips over a period of a few days or weeks. The intraday trading system looks for smaller opportunities ranging from 25-50 pips.

Parameters developed to adapt to the trader:

The system includes parameters to change to suit 3 types of traders. Each trader typically falls under one of these categories; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. - Printer Ink, Toner, & More

The beginner wants to grow his account and minimize risk, while the advanced trader is willing to take on more risk to increase his reward. The system gives different exits and stops for each level and allows the beginner to grow with the system.

Money management techniques:

Both systems use a form of safety net. Trading is all about money management and we have employed an excellent way of controlling your losers and making sure that winners don't turn into losers.

Further tweaking instructions:

Except your trading experience there are other variables that make you unique such as different goals, capital, time etc. That's why you will find which parameters to tweak so you can find the set-up that suits your trading style and situation best. Click hereget more info..

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