Sunday, January 28, 2007

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System

Now... you can easily promote several thousand products and services... as a ClickBank Affiliate... using ClickBank Buddy to automate the whole process.

ClickBank Buddy is a set of perl scripts that you install on your website.

Then all you have to do is simply copy a little code that ClickBank Buddy generates for you... and paste it into as many of your web pages as you want.

ClickBank Buddy will immediately start displaying related ClickBank product Ads on your web pages. The Ads rotate to show New Ads each time the page is visited.

ClickBank Buddy will automatically display products which closely match the content of your web pages by selecting ads using the keywords you specify.

This way by choosing keywords relevent to your site, you have control over the types of products ClickBank Buddy displays ads for on your website. You can show different keyword specific text ads on every page.

ClickBank Buddy
Gives You 3 Styles Of Ad Blocks

Horizontal Ad Blocks - Like the one above.
Vertical Ad Blocks - Like the one on the right.
Float-In Popups - Click Here To See A Float-In PopUp
The Float-In Ads are timed to float in only once per hour on re-visits by the same person so they don't get annoyed.

You can put one or more Ad Blocks... and/or a Float-In Popup... on each webpage of every website you own.

Each time the page is visited, ClickBank Buddy will show a different set of ads to your website's visitor.

Refresh this page now to see how the Ads rotate.

You can easily customize the look of your Ad Blocks to make them appear as an integral part of your existing web page by selecting the...

Find a home on LiveDeal

Background Color
Border Color
Text Color
The Color of the Link in the Ads
Width of the Ad Blocks
Simply copy and past the code you generate using ClickBank Buddy... and you'll never have to touch it again.

It's just that simple!
ClickBank Buddy
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You also have the option by selecting yes or no in your control panel and of having an ad display in your ClickBank Buddy Ad Blocks which links back to Your Own ClickBank Buddy Marketplace

with ClickBank Buddy you'll have your own Marketplace loaded with literally several thousand digital products such as eBooks and Software and hundreds of other online services offered through ClickBank.

Your website's visitors can easily search for any digital product or service they are looking for and all products containing the searched for keyword in either the title or description will show in the search results..

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