Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Explod Your Own Trading Profits..

How A One Time Losing Trader Accidentally Stumbled On A Simple Technique That Unlocked The Mystery Of The Markets... And How You Can Learn This "Insider Secret" From A Professional Trader To Explode Your Own Trading Profits!

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Are you fed up with getting whipsawed by the seemingly unpredictable S&P Futures Market? Are you tired of making money, only to give it all back (and then some)? Are you ready to learn how to read this market and really make some money?

If yes then read on...

My name is Malcolm Robinson, I have been a full-time professional trader since 1992. I started out as a local (independent floor trader) on LIFFE, the London Futures exchange. When I first started out on the floor I was in a sea of confusion. Everything I did seemed to be wrong, the more certain I was that the market was about to move the more likely it was to be going nowhere.

I repeatedly had this experience: The market would make a sharp and dramatic move, the pit would go wild, the noise, the shouting, and the commotion would be at fever pitch. I would say to myself "This is it, the market is really going to move now!" and I would pile in. THEN... the market would nudge a little higher..and THEN.. It would start to subside... the noise, the shouting and the commotion would tail off... and, of course, the market with it.

so I would be sitting with a small loss. It seemed that everyone else knew when a move was a sucker move and when the market was actually starting a real trend. Not me though, ever the optimist I was always ready to be get on a 'sure thing'. And when I say sitting on a small loss, that is what I would do. Rather than acknowledge that I was wrong at this point in time, I would hold on (for some reason it is much easier to hold on to a wrong decision than just make a new one!). I don't know if you have ever witnessed an avalanche... but I have.

I was on a skiing holiday in the French Alps, my girl friend and I weren’t skiing on the day in question because it had been snowing so hard and the slopes needed to be made safe. I was in a chalet situated just at the bottom of a mountain, dreamily looking up at the mountain peak high above. I started to see what seemed like a wispy cloud being blown around on the very top. It looked beautiful and I called Lisa over to have a look. As we watched it started to get bigger and we felt strangely disorientated as we could not understand what it was.

It got bigger and bigger and appeared to be coming towards us. Suddenly I realised it was a huge wall of snow that was about to hit the chalet. I dived and at the same time pushed Lisa to the ground as the avalanche hit the chalet. There was an eerie silence after it had hit, the lights had gone out and there was dust everywhere. We were unhurt, but when we went downstairs we realised what a lucky escape we had had, because the downstairs rooms had been completely filled with snow... the chalet was half buried!

You may be wondering why I am telling you this story? Well there are some close parallels in this memory to my early experiences of trading. My biggest losses would come from trades that initially were very small losses that I was 'sitting on'. And markets often move rather like avalanches, at first it is almost imperceptible, but gradually it builds and slowly it would dawn on me that I was now sitting on a big loss that was getting bigger at a rate that was out of control... this can be very scary!

At the end of the day we are all trend traders, because to have a winning trade we have to be on the right side of the market (i.e. the trend at that moment), but my mistake as a rookie trader was to try and jump on a trend once it was well on it's way and very clear. As a day trader, this was a big mistake. When I stepped back into the pit and just watched the big, experienced and successful traders, it was like watching magicians at work. They seemed to be able to just pick a price and low and behold it would be an almost exact top or bottom.

It was as if they were looking at a different set of information than I was. And of course they were... They were like mountain guides that can sense an avalanche miles away, whereas I was a novice, unaware of the risk or the real beauty of the terrain, who would only become aware when fully submerged!

"The S&P DVD is absolutely amazing. The movie is very professional and the stratregies you present are concise and easy to grasp. You don't just get a strategy, but a concept that you can use to better your understanding of the markets. This Video showed me that a profitable and effective strategy doesn't necessarily have to be complicated. Thanks for opening my eyes Malcolm! Sincerely Christian Skogvol"

In my DVD, Day Trading E-Mini S&P Futures, I present my approach to day trading. It is based on everything I learnt in the pit, which I have adapted to screen trading. I have a style of trading that won't be suited to everyone and obviously I can't guarantee that if you watch my DVD you will be transformed into a highly profitable trader.

I guarantee that this DVD will be worth every cent you pay for it and more. There is 14 years of trading experience wrapped up in the strategy that I present and whether you are a day trader or investor, whether you are an E-mini trader or a Forex trader... the distinctions you will learn in this DVD will make you a better and a more aware trader.. Get It Here..

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