Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Add Co-Registrations To Your Website..


Everyone agrees, Co-Registrations are one of the best ways to build large opt-in e-mail lists in a very short time. Yet still, 99% of webmasters aren't taking advantage of them, and it's no surprise...

Not everyone has enough programming skills to integrate co-registrations into their site, as it often involves learning how the used scripts work and then creating routines to handle the co-registration process. Certainly not possible for the average webmaster.

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Another option would be to hire a programmer to do the work for you, but with the average programming fees, you could expect to pay from one hundred, to several hundred dollars just for adding co-registrations to one of your forms.

So I thought... "There should be a way for the average Joe webmaster to add co-registrations to his forms without having to learn complicated programming languages, or having to pay someone else outrageous amounts of money"... and that's how I came up with.

Co-Reg Master - the quickest, easiest way to add co-registrations to all your forms, without writing a single line of code!

Get It Here..

If you want to add co-registrations to your site (and believe me, you do), there's no better solution than using the Co-Reg Master software.

So how does it work?

Once you install Co-Reg Master in your server (it only takes a couple of minutes) you simply add the co-registration offers (with their respective checkboxes) to your forms. Every time someone submits one of these forms, Co-Reg Master will register them to the offers they have selected and then let your scripts take care of processing the form as they normally do.

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That means that you could be selling co-registrations to third-party advertisers (and growing your own opt-in list) when your visitors perform everyday actions at your site like..

Sign up for your ezine/mailing list

Download your software, ebooks, or any other downloadable file you offer.

Use your contact form

Register or post in your forums

Enter your contest or sweepstakes

Use your "Tell-A-Friend" form (even if you're using a third-party service, like SuperTaf!)

Send postcards through your website
and anything else you can think of!

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