Thursday, February 28, 2008

A BA Degree Online

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree can open so many doors that will remain firmly closed without one. A BA degree rises the lifetime earning potential of a person by several hundred thousand dollars. A person with only a high school diploma or a GED (General Education Diploma) will usually qualify for entry level positions in a great many fields.

However, with nothing more than a high school diploma or a GED, their hopes for advancing beyond entry level are greatly diminished. The potential earning power of a person who has a high school diploma or a GED is twice as good as it is for those without either. But the earning potential of a person with a BA degree is twice as good as that of those who only have a high school diploma or a GED. Getting a BA degree just makes good financial sense. You will earn twice as much money over your lifetime with a BA degree as you will earn without one.

It all comes down to dollars and cents. The fact is that today a person of any age or background can get a BA degree online. There are no admission requirements to meet and the cost is only a fraction of that required for attending a brick-and-mortar college or university. The progress toward getting a BA degree can be made at each student's own pace. There are not any requirements for how many credit hours must be signed up for in any given period of time.

Online colleges and universities are the same as brick-and-mortar colleges and universities in many ways. They both issue the same kinds of degrees. Federal financial aid is available for students who qualify for it for both and scholarships as well as student loans are available for both.

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3 eBay Success Secrets Revealed

You have probably heard of people who have become multimillionaires overnight be selling stuff on eBay. Well, I am not saying that it never happens but I am saying that it is only half true. There really are many people who have made and continue to make fortunes by selling stuff on eBay, however, not many of them did it overnight, if any.

All, or at least most all, successful sellers on eBay share at least one common trait is that they all work hard. The successful eBay sellers do not dabble in selling on eBay. They devote many hours and lot of effort and energy into creating their success and it doesnt happen over night. It happens after enough elbow grease has been applied. They all put customer care on the top of their lists.

They are well aware that eBay is much like a small town with a well functioning grapevine. All of the really successful eBay sellers make full use of the reports that eBay offers. Ebay doesnt make a big deal out of these reports but they are right there under all of our proverbial noses. Oh, and did I mention that these reports are free? They are except for those who have stores on eBay and then the cost is minimal.

The other thing that the successful eBay sellers all do is that that take full advantage of the free consultation service that eBay offers for all levels of sales. These consultations are done one on one by telephone with marketing and sales experts who work for eBay and who are well informed about the ins and outs of marketing on eBay. They can answer questions or they can give advice and the service is free. Ebay wants sellers to be successful. The more successful sellers are on eBay the more successful eBay itself becomes.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How To Market Your Business Online

Considering the type of business you own and how it is operated may call for changes in the way it is marketed. While online marketing can bring in new business from a global base, there will be times that old fashioned marketing will provide the best results. For many business owners, network marketing is another term for multilevel sales schemes and attempt to stay away from the process.

For internet businesses, network marketing is part of their success strategy. Some business have found additional success by going back to old school marketing techniques such as face-to-face meetings with potential customers. Not everyone who conducts business with your company will be comfortable doing business with someone they do not know. Whether in a business or social setting good old-fashioned handshaking can do a lot to improve your image as a business owner.

Becoming an active member of your local Chamber of Commerce can provide networking opportunities for just about any business and by being a member, those you meet may be able to help steer business in your direction. They may not be able to use your services but they probably know someone else who needs you. Additionally, most members of Chambers of Commerce have a policy of dealing only with chamber members.

If you are not comfortable in a setting with other business owners, there are plenty of other organizations that you can join such as church organizations and social clubs. While business may not be high on their list of priorities for meeting discussions, when you are introduced as a new member, make sure everyone know where you work and what you do. You can also offer your expertise as a volunteer expert in your field. Offer to speak to business groups concerning your line of expertise.

While you may not think you have anything to offer, most people that are not in your line of work will find even limited knowledge on a particular subject interesting and welcome if you can offer tips on how to get things done. For example, if you are a landscaper, conduct a meeting offering tips on how to get rid of crabgrass without using harsh, toxic chemicals to make their yard safe for children and pets.

Do not forget the corny advertising handouts. Letter openers are welcome in businesses and handing them out with your company name, web address and phone number can remind others of your presence every time they open an envelope. While t-shirts can be an added bonus for many companies, using them as handouts can get expensive. Additionally, if you do not know who is going to wear them, think about a person getting arrest and showing up on the television news wearing a t-shirt with your company name and logo clearly visible.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Version of Debt Management.

The American version of debt management seems to be buy now, pay later, or worry about it later. Instant gratification has replaced save for a rainy day as the watch-word for Americans regarding their money.

Most American households do not have savings. They simply live paycheck to paycheck. They pay what has to be paid this week, balance the checkbook, and decide how to blow what is left and those are the responsible ones.

The irresponsible ones get a paycheck, do what they want to do, buy what they want to buy, and if there is anything left, they use it to pay the bill that is most pressing at the moment. Neither method could be called responsible debt management or sound financial planning by any stretch of the imagination.

Saving money is rapidly becoming a lost art form in America. In a recent study, only 41% of all American households actually had savings accounts, but 75% of all American households are carrying substantial debt.

This is certainly not the kind of money management that our grandparents would have approved of. There was a time when being in debt was a shameful thing but that idea went the way of the Model A, apparently.

Declaring bankruptcy became so easy, and so many people were taking advantage of it, that Congress finally had to make it more difficult. Debt management businesses are thriving, and you can not turn on the TV without seeing an advertisement for debt consolidation loans.

Americans need to return to the sound financial practices of the past, like save first. American mothers and fathers need to instill the basics of debt management into their young ones. American high schools need to require that a course in financial planning and debt management be successfully completed before a diploma is awarded.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Organizing Your Business Accounting System

Many small business owners wonder if accounting is a necessary evil. Those who run the accounting system speak a language of credits and debits. Most business owners feel they can not speak this language. An efficient accounting system contributes to overall profitability.

An accounting system is for communication. The system produces information that tells specific things about the company. An accounting system provides the information to run the company, at the owners fingertips. The system includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, order entry, inventory control, cost accounting, payroll and fixed assets accounting.

The general ledger shows transactions in four different categories. These categories include the account assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Entries are posted to each and summarized. The summary is then sent to the general ledger for posting.

It is best to organize your business accounting system by function. From an internal control, it is best not to have one person do all the functions. Fraud and embezzlement are possible if too few people are doing all the accounting. An internal control structure helps mitigate risks through mechanics and procedures.

The type of information needed from an accounting system should be accurate, fulfill managements needs and be easy to use. As well as accuracy, relevancy and simplicity an accounting system should be set up so that it does not require an inordinate amount of time to maintain. The accounting system should be easy enough to understand so that a CPA is not required to operate it or interpret its output.

Some automated accounting systems require knowledge about computers and accounting. If you are thinking about one of these systems, make sure that the people running it have the ability to install and operate it. It is best to get a package that works well with your firms capabilities. Also, the automated package needs to be able to work on the computer equipment you currently have or will be purchasing in the near future.

A business cycle is a flow of transactions needed to complete a sale and collect the proceeds. In setting up an accounting system you need to know what types of accounting transactions are involved and what entries are to be made along the way. Most company cycles follow these steps, purchase raw materials, enter them into the inventory, begin the manufacturing process, enter goods in the process inventory, pay suppliers and employees, complete the manufacturing process, enter goods into the finished goods inventory, sell the inventory and collect payments.

When purchasing an accounting system you need to figure who is going to do what in the system. It is best to assign the person who is most familiar with the system to be in charge of it. If you are just starting a business you will need to know the background of your new employees. At least one of them should be able to run the system. You might want to consider having them interview with an accounting expert, check their references from past jobs and ask them accounting questions. It is your company and you need to do everything possible to protect it.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Marketing Your Home Business

For new business owners, having customers find you can be one of the many challenges in getting your business off the ground. While many believe that the internet is the best way to gain market exposure, if your business is focused on one specific geographic area, going online can be unproductive. You will still want a professional website to serve as an online brochure and for some reason many people have the opinion that an online presence increases the credibility of a business.

While direct mail marketing has fallen out of favor for many businesses, it remains one of the best bargains for the money. A professionally deigned mail piece with a well written message can mean more than thousands of internet ads or emails that might be considered spam. If you are not able to design and write good copy hire someone to do it for you and then follow their suggestions.

Even your answering machine can work for you when you can not answer the phone personally. Instead of the traditional message about leaving a name, number and brief massage, add a sales pitch to your outgoing message. It can provide information to callers no matter what the time of day or night.

Press releases are often misunderstood by business owners who believe that simply sending out a press release will automatically get them mentioned in the newspaper. While most newspapers have a thick wall running between the editorial content and advertising, many times editors will read a release and see no news value and hand it to the ad department for a potential sale. In worse case situations, the press release is pitched, never seeing the light of day.

For a press release to have half a chance of making into the newspaper, it has to have some sort of news value. A promotion or an appointment of an employee is always welcome in most papers but the release has to be about the person with your company name mentioned as an ad near the bottom. Releases that talk about new, exciting products can be useful but sending out a monthly press release is generally a waste of time.

Customer referrals can go both ways, depending on their experience with your business. It has been estimated that a customer who has a good experience will tell six of their friends. A customer who has a bad experience will tell 13. The best way to get new business is to treat the customer right every time you deal with them. Even if it means losing a few bucks on a sale item, by giving them a hard time, even if they are completely wrong, it can cost a whole lot more in future business from them and their friends and family.

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