Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How To Market Your Business Online

Considering the type of business you own and how it is operated may call for changes in the way it is marketed. While online marketing can bring in new business from a global base, there will be times that old fashioned marketing will provide the best results. For many business owners, network marketing is another term for multilevel sales schemes and attempt to stay away from the process.

For internet businesses, network marketing is part of their success strategy. Some business have found additional success by going back to old school marketing techniques such as face-to-face meetings with potential customers. Not everyone who conducts business with your company will be comfortable doing business with someone they do not know. Whether in a business or social setting good old-fashioned handshaking can do a lot to improve your image as a business owner.

Becoming an active member of your local Chamber of Commerce can provide networking opportunities for just about any business and by being a member, those you meet may be able to help steer business in your direction. They may not be able to use your services but they probably know someone else who needs you. Additionally, most members of Chambers of Commerce have a policy of dealing only with chamber members.

If you are not comfortable in a setting with other business owners, there are plenty of other organizations that you can join such as church organizations and social clubs. While business may not be high on their list of priorities for meeting discussions, when you are introduced as a new member, make sure everyone know where you work and what you do. You can also offer your expertise as a volunteer expert in your field. Offer to speak to business groups concerning your line of expertise.

While you may not think you have anything to offer, most people that are not in your line of work will find even limited knowledge on a particular subject interesting and welcome if you can offer tips on how to get things done. For example, if you are a landscaper, conduct a meeting offering tips on how to get rid of crabgrass without using harsh, toxic chemicals to make their yard safe for children and pets.

Do not forget the corny advertising handouts. Letter openers are welcome in businesses and handing them out with your company name, web address and phone number can remind others of your presence every time they open an envelope. While t-shirts can be an added bonus for many companies, using them as handouts can get expensive. Additionally, if you do not know who is going to wear them, think about a person getting arrest and showing up on the television news wearing a t-shirt with your company name and logo clearly visible.

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