Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Build Blazing Fast Athletics In 30 Days.

Attention Coaches, Trainer And Athletics..

Don't spend another dime on ineffective training programs. Improving your speed is simple when you team up with 18 of the most sought-after strength coaches and speed experts in the world and discover...

The Most Comprehensive Speed Enhancement Resource Ever Created to Build Blazing Fast Athletes -IN ONLY 30 DAYS! Over 500 Jam-Packed Pages of Sample In-Depth Speed Training Programs Crammed with Actual 30 Day Programs (Plus Exact Sets and Reps) from the 18 of the World's Top Strength Coaches and Speed Experts!

Fellow Coaches, Trainers and Athletes,

Are you sick and tired of mediocre personal trainers creating generic bodybuilding programs and selling them as 'speed training programs'? Fed up with hearing 'you are born with speed -it can't be improved'?

Two months ago, I spent $40 on a book from a so-called 'speed guru' and it was basically 85 pages of a watered down 'fluff' fitness program you can find in any $4 magazine - just theory and basic exercises. I was mad as hell and went on a mission to uncover the truth -- the real way to improve speed. I used all my personal contacts and sent emails to the best and most varied strength coaches in the world and issued the following challenge:

You've suddenly lost all your athletes & your company and all you have left is your training knowledge. You are approached by an athlete who is desperate to get faster. They want flat-out speed. Your company will be saved if the client is successful. The catch is you only have 30 days to get it done and a $500 equipment budget to work with.

The athlete has average ability/running mechanics, will work hard, follow all your instructions and has a clean medical history. What would you do, from day 1 to day 30, to improve your athlete's speed and save yourself?. Now You Can Get Your Hands on the Top-Secret Fluff-Free' Speed Training Blueprints from the Pros!

After I sent the email a funny thing happened - within 48 hours the first strength coach (Alwyn Cosgrove) emailed me a complete 30 day speed program. And I mean a COMPLETE, IN-DEPTH program with exact sets, reps and exercise descriptions - and it weighed in at over 40 pages.

And that was just the very beginning.. as another program came in the next day. And when the dust cleared, eighteen incredible strength coaches were up to the challenge and set out to create a perfect training program that will improve your speed. As I read through these programs, I was shocked by the sheer volume of valuable information they revealed. They gave everything - exact blueprints from day 1 to 30. Nothing was held back.

I'm talking about speed testing, assessments, strength training, plyometrics, speed drills, equipment lists, form running and sprint programs. Everything laid out in order, step by step. And they all did it within their $500 equipment budget. The Ultimate, Most Comprehensive Speed Enhancement
Resource Ever Created -- Period!

You cannot find this information anywhere for any price. These speed training programs were created exclusively for SPEED EXPERTS and have never been available to the public -- until now. Why settle for a book or video from only one trainer when you can see the programs from 18 of the most successful and innovative trainers in the industry! Never before have so many incredible strength coaches come together for a project of this magnitude.

There's more than one way to get faster and each trainer has their own spin on dramatically improving speed. You'll learn all the different styles of speed improvement (plyometrics, strength training, olympic lifting, functional training, speed drills, kettlebells, high intensity training, and much more).

Choose the program that fits your style and your needs! No longer do you have to settle for one trainer's point of view - you can have it all. This cutting-edge ebook package will revolutionize the strength and conditioning industry forever.

Rather than go on for hundreds of pages detailing all the benefits of this ebook, I've decided to list some highlights of what you'll find throughout these jam-packed speed training programs.. Find It here..

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