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Start Your Own Online Home Business

We are giving you the chance to buy a website and then resell it to get your money back. Do you want to join the thousands of people that are making a living on the internet by starting your own Online Home Business?

If you answered "Yes" to the above question then this venture is for you.
I am giving you the chance to buy a web site. You will sell lots of different digital products using your website. This is a fantastic new opportunity for anyone looking to start-up their own online home business. You may not know this but I don`t actually sell any of the products you can see on this website, I simply sell them for other people and get a percentage of the sales. Every time you click on something I get paid!

Sounds good doesn`t it? - I`m making a living by selling other peoples products and best of all once you set the website up you can sit back and watch the cash roll in. After the initial set-up process which will take around 1 - 2 hours you can sit back and relax, your website runs on auto-pilot selling other peoples products. What are the benefits of selling other peoples products I hear you ask. Well there are a lot of benefits, take a look below.

No customers to deal with
No need to make endless trips to the post office to dispatch the goods
No financial risk - all you need to do is set-up a website
No need to employ staff
The product vendors provide all the technical support..
The Most Trusted Name In Home Income

Let me show you the information that you are dying to see. How much do i get paid per product. The product payments are very generous, most vendors offer at least 50% commission if you sell their product for them, here is a list of commissions for every product that is for sale on the website. Prices are listed in both US Dollars and GB Pounds.

Product commission ($) commission (£)
SEO Elite $67.67 £38.40
DVD Wizard Pro $20.40 £11.57
Cover Software Pro $42.37 £24.05
XoftSpy $18.37 £10.42
Sony PSP "X-Studio" $20.70 £11.75
Blog Submitter Pro $61.03 £34.65
Cash Master Pro $27.00 £15.33
The Rich Jerk $42.25 £23.98
Google Profits $20.16 £11.44
My Automatic Money $44.62 £25.34
eBay Sales Machine $13.91 £7.90
Make $2000 in 1 hour $65.11 £36.97
Sure Fire Trading $33.61 £19.08
Quit Smoking $87.51 £49.69
Burn the Fat & Feed the Muscle $16.96 £9.62
Cure Bad Breath $19.75 £11.21
Cure Asthma $20.45 £11.61
Acne Free in 3 Days $17.21 £9.77
Cure Heartburn $22.44 £12.74
Secrets of a Dog Trainer $33.42 £18.97
Save your Marriage $19.16 £10.87
Secret Food Recipes $10.06 £5.71
Sex Tips for Men & Women $12.45 £7.06
Pay Off Your Mortgage $29.18 £16.56
Tropical Fish Secrets $11.29 £6.40
Error Nuker $23.22 £13.18
Registry Fix $21.70 £12.31
The Error Doctor $22.73 £12.90
Micro Anti-Virus $26.95 £15.29
Affiliate Handbook $23.50 £13.33
Make Money on eBay $24.95 £14.16
Create your own e-Book $12.53 £7.11
Make Money from Adwords $25.55 £14.50
Free Tageted Website Traffic $54.27 £30.79
Adwords Equalizer $46.65 £26.47
Power Linking $38.36 £21.77
1 Million Website Visitors $46.42 £26.34
Jamorama $27.85 £15.80
Repossessed Cars $19.06 £10.82
Download Shield $13.07 £7.41
How to Win a Fight $16.58 £9.41
The Speed Machine $41.60 £23.61
Double your Vertical Leap $44.55 £25.58
Football Fitness $11.75 £6.66
Improve Your Golf Technique $20.27 £11.50
Seduction Secrets For Men $33.28 £18.89
Online Investigations $20.50 £11.64
Catch a Cheating Spouse $18.95 £10.76
Clear Your DUI Record $20.49 £11.63
Speak Fluent French $33.09 £18.79
Speak Fluent Spanish $58.58 £33.26

As you can see I have highlighted the 5 products that will generate you the most commission. I`m sure you will agree that the commission rates are very good, imagine how much money you would make selling each of the above items JUST ONCE! You could go on a holiday or treat a loved one. Remember once you buy this website for a one-off payment you can keep 100% of the profit that you make for life!

Clickbank" handles all of your payments and commissions. They have been around for 7 years and are the leaders in handling affiliate payments. You are paid twice every month by personal Cheque, Clickbank is available to people in over 100 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

All you need to sell the above products is a Clickbank ID, you can get one of these FREE and signup will only take a couple of minutes. I will show you exactly how to change the affiliate links from mine to yours once you have purchased the website. It is a very simple process that doesn`t require any PC knowledge! - I even throw in 2 pieces of find/replace software to help you with the process!

All affiliate links are "Cloaked" using the "Affiliate Diamond" software. Cloaking the links prevents people from stealing your commissions. Also to make your life even easier; when you buy this affiliate website I will throw in the "Affiliate Diamond" software for FREE!

Plus, If that isn`t enough, it may surprise you that there are even more ways of making money using this website. The main income stream comes from sales of the products (see table above for exact figures), however the website has been designed to maximise advertising space without harming the smooth, crisp design of the website. Keep reading to find out about the other income streams.. Click Here..

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