Sunday, February 11, 2007

Make Money With Google Adsense..

Do you want to find out how I, by being a lazy guy make $40000 (yep that's 40 thousand USD) per month, every month from my Google Adsense Websites? I won't just tell you how, I will give you the exact website I use so you can copy me. Finally! A real proven method to make truck loads of money per month with Adsense. Don't fall for any other BS hype. I don't give you boring text to read. I give you my website which makes me more money then most CEOs of big butt firms. Around 6 months ago I setup my own Google Adsense website with about 10 pages.

I was intrigued by finding out I can make money without doing anything as I am lazy. So I thought why just 1 site why not more? Then I had an even better idea. Instead of building more sites why not ad more pages to the existing site? Instead of just 10 pages why not 1,000 pages? More pages, more exposure. Then what I did was, I started adding more pages with AdSense ads to my website. I split my site into 5 sections and within a few days my website had over 1,600 pages, over 300 pages per section. Each with Adsense ads. Thats 1,600 pages making me money without me doing anything.

Initially I earned just $1 a day from each section ($1500 altogether per month) but when I implemented a few no brainer promotion techniquies (instructions in the pack), I started to earn up to $10 for each section within a few weeks (which totals $15000 for all sites per month). Then what I did was sit back and watch them grow. Today each section is making me around $30 a day and I have 10 of these websites setup on different domains. This totals to quite a rediculous $45000 (45 thousand USD) per month. And it's only been 6 months. This is no BS. It's real.

What's the point having just 10 page site when you can have 1,600 pages. The more you have the more money you make. It's not rocket science and it's no secret either. Like many things in life, money is also a numbers game. I don't always make $45000 per month. Some months I make around $20000, other months it's $50000 but I haven't been under $20000 for about 4 months now. If you want to be in a position to spend like me then click here to order now and have your site setup within an hour..

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