Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leadership Is A Constant Sport

Discover the performance tactics of the most successful call centers, what they do and how they prepare their leadership team to achieve "best in class" results
Learn how 15 critical skills can make the difference. The callCenterafe staff has gathered and tested each of these skills and now wants to share with other call center professionals the value that they offer.

Call center leadership development needs to be measured by the results achieved. Don't confuse activity with results is something a highly respected boss of mine use to say. Obviously, if you engage in the activity of providing feedback, leadership training and succession planning you understand that leadership development needs to provide a return on investment.

Leading for Results will immediately provide you with a return on your investment, as well as, the satisfaction knowing that you are creating a well oiled leadership team. If your tired of putting out fires, if solving one performance problem only leads to others popping-up, then you need a proven leadership development program.

Leading for results will…

Improve Performance
Increase Productivity
Improve Employee Morale
and Greater Opportunities for you

Let's face it, your team is only as strong as the weakest link. Moreover, the next logical question you should ask yourself is: Does my team have all the tools necessary to perform at their peak potential? Having an effective leadership developmental program in your call center will provide the foundation and ongoing improvements needed to meet all organization challenges you are faced with.

Leading for results, is a complete training program for developing leaders and making your current ones better. For any call center leadership training program to be worth its weight, it must include the following components. I'm sure you'll agree with me that these are critical to leadership development. Here are just some of the must have performance skills you and your team will learn from leading for results. High performance leadership relies on understanding what motivates people.

Module 11, page 168 understanding individual behavior: Motivation.

Learn theory X, theory Y , motivator, hygiene theory and hierarchy of needs theory to better motivate your staff. Discover what truly motivates people. Teach your team to tap into the motivating factors of your employees (page 178). Uncover the essentials of effective team building that five-star leaders rely on.

Module 9 & 10, pages 132 through 188 team building 101 & 102.

Enlightened leaders have discovered that empowering employees improves performance, morale and the bottom line. We will teach you the Principles of empowering people show you how to empower team members to get results on page 143 - 148!
Knowing and practicing the Four Stages of Team Development will help your team achieve their goals. In a 3 step exercise your team will master the skills of a highly effective team member (page 160 – 165) Successful coaches use the Four Functions of Coaching to propel their business to the next level.

Module 7, page 103 coaching.

Define the role of coaching in your work environment.
Discover the outcomes of the coaching process on page 107.
Create Coaching improvement plans that get results on page 112!
Top Leaders possess impeccable Communication Skills, you can too…

Module 3, page 36 listening skills.

Discover new secrets to test and develop your Listening Skills.
You'll be amazed how simple listening skills can change your day to day business decisions for the better. And get it right everytime. Modules 4 – 6, Pages 46 through 102 Communication 101, 102 & 103. Gain the knowledge to communicate effectively and efficiently. Reveal the key to understanding how using human relations skills and interpersonal skills will launch your team's success.

Understand how communication styles can work for and against you.
Evaluate your team's communication and create improvement plans for development.
Leadership excellence can be reached without adding more hours to your work day. "So much to do, so little time.. Get It Here..

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