Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Top Low Cost Ad Services

This new leading industrial robust software, lets you take control of your search engine rankings and will drive massive targeted traffic to your websites. The only software that automatically generates thousands of smart pages with thousands of keywords and creates an avalanche of laser targeted traffic to your website. ALL within 3 minutes. Targeted traffic machine is the only software that automatically finds thousands of quality keywords for your website. And automatically generates thousands of smart pages from these keywords. And automatically generates a site-map file that contains links to all the smart pages. And you can try it absolutely free.

Everyone who has read Stephen's "under oath" book has seen lots of proof that creating and using smart pages in accordance with the search engine smart page calibration system specifications gets top 10 positions on search engines. Also, everyone who has created (or has tried to create) smart pages knows how difficult and time consuming is the task to edit the template provided with under oath just to create a single smart page, not to mention that one little mistake in one page can blow the whole deal.

It takes 10-20 minutes to create one page if you are an experienced webmaster. You must multiply that by the minimum recommended 5-10 pages, not to mention the optimum recommended hundreds and even thousands of pages. With targeted traffic machine you can generate thousands of quality keywords and smart pages in seconds. What targeted traffic machine can do for you? It saves you a lot of time, and by that I mean a lot of time. Increase the ranking and traffic even more than with the original smart pages by using bold keywords (optional).

You don't have to understand a single line of HTML. Saves you from lethal errors and mistakes that might prevent your website from getting the desired targeted traffic. Maximize the targeted traffic by automatically finds you the best quality keywords. Gives you crucial information by automatically finds you the keywords search popularity. No limits. Automatically generate an unlimited number of smart pages, in a single click, within seconds.

YOU can save the keyword list to an ASCII file for future use.
YOU can load a keyword list from an ASCII file. The file can be one that was saved earlier, or a keyword list that was generated by another application.
Automatically creates a human made look alike site map with links to all the smart pages that were generated. And much more. Get It Here..

Free Stuff For The coming Baby

A leader in prenatal marketing collecting over 225,000 mother/mother-to-be names a month, is the premier destination for prenatal moms and their families to sign up for free product samples from top advertisers marketing to mothers/mothers-to-be and their family members.

There are approximately 3 million pregnant women in the United States at any given moment. Currently, Baby to Bee reaches a third of them every month. If things go according to schedule, we will be reaching up to 50% of the expecting parents by the end of the year. To date we have registered over 4.2 million pre and post-natal moms and dads.

FREE stuff for the coming baby!

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