Friday, March 16, 2007

Lunch A Product Successfully.

Who else wants to be a fly on the wall and watch over Andrew's shoulder as he spills-the-beans on the little known marketing secrets that he actually used to generate $100,565 within 14 days of his product launch?"

Finally discover for yourself how deceptively simple this can be as Andrew Fox reveals how
you too could make an utter fortune. It's "nerve racking" isn't it? Researching your product, creating it and then waiting for that "BIG BANG" explosion of sales to happen on launch day. Unfortunately if you're like most people, you were probably left disappointed and wondering what went wrong?

Or maybe you thought "I should have at least DOUBLED or TRIPLED the number of sales"
I'll let you in on a "Little Secret.. "Ninety Five percent of the time, it's not that your product isn't "up to scratch". It could be that you simply haven't "launched your product" the correct way using the techniques that until recently only the "Big boy" marketers were aware of. Do you remember August 2004? The Internet Marketing Community witnessed a historic event in Internet Marketing.

Case Study #1

A man by the name of John Reese, "ROCKED" the Internet world when
he released his "Traffic Secrets" course and sold over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in just 24 hours. Most people however didn't realize that it wasn't just the fact that John's
"Traffic Secrets" Course was an exceptional product, it was the carefully orchestrated sequence of events and time invested by John that made
this incredible million dollar day possible.

Case Study #2

Just recently in July 2005 Yanik Silver released his "Underground. Seminars DVD's" and brought in a hefty six figure income in a single day. Again this was due to a carefully thought out and well orchestrated launch process. Yanik didn't just wake up in the morning and decide "I think I'll release my DVD's today". Exact planning and a carefully executed action plan was the key to his success.

Case Study #3

When Jason Potash released his "Article Announcer" product, he sold over
390 units at $397 a piece in just 24 hours, bringing in over $150,000! Friend, let me tell you something. Yes the guys mentioned above are smart, talented AND very good at what they do. BUT, it's not these "attributes" that made their product launches so successful. It's the Use Of A Strategic And Precisely Executed Marketing Launch Sequence.

In fact I dissected their "secret system" piece by piece, like a hidden fly on the wall. Using a combination of their techniques, coupled with my own finding's my results were astonishing. On 17th June 2005 I released a product called "Adsense-Mastery". Within 24 hours I had grossed over $35,562 of sales and by the end of the month I had tipped the $100,000 mark.. Click To Find Out How...

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