Thursday, March 15, 2007

What Is SearchFeast

Now You Can Make Sales from the Visitors Leaving Your Site, and Earn Juicy Commissions, FOR FREE – And it Only Takes 7 minutes!. Finally - a way to create cash from the 98% of visitors who leave your site without buying anything... I was sitting in an Internet Marketing Seminar a few months ago when one of the speakers said something that hit me like a ton of bricks. "Figure out a way to make money from the people leaving your site and you've got a winner.

Since this was John Reese speaking, I paid attention. I consider John the most brilliant internet marketer I know. (After all, he did sell $1,000,000+ of a new product in one day on a brand new web site.) You see, something about what John said clicked in my head, and you are reading the result. A FREE product that can help you make sales from the people leaving your site. PLUS - it has Viral marketing built in to drive quality traffic to your site. In fact, SearchFeast addresses two major problems.

Problem #1.. People Leave Your Site Without Buying If you own a web site, especially one that sells products, you know that the vast majority of people won’t buy anything from you. You work so hard to drive traffic to your site. Spending your valuable time and/or money to introduce your site and products to people all over the world. How many marketing methods are you using? How much money are you spending to get a visitor? How much money are you making from them?

The heartbreaking truth is that most people just take a quick look, and then leave. And It's Not Your Fault! Sure, you may get some to subscribe to a newsletter or eZine, but most of your shoppers still click off your site without buying or subscribing. In fact, even the world’s best copywriters are often thrilled with a 1% sales rate. Maybe you are even better. Maybe you convert 3% or even 5% of your visitors into paying customers. That still means 95% to 97% of your traffic is wasted.

And up until now, there was nothing you could do about it. Those people are gone forever. Off to other sites, maybe buying other products. Maybe your site got them thinking about your type of product, and they left to do more research. Unfortunately, they vanish without a trace. No way for you to follow-up with them. No second chance to make your sale. It’s a problem that everyone has – from the top gurus to the newest rookies.

Problem #2: You Need More Quality Traffic.. Who doesn’t want more quality traffic? The problem is, driving traffic is getting tougher every day. Search engines are more competitive, and pay per clicks are more expensive. The free methods mostly stink. Who can spend hours submitting free classified ads and links to sites nobody ever reads?

The paid methods work much better, but there’s no guarantee. Even the experts are always testing new ads to try to improve profitability. Joint ventures are great – but you need a good product and a good track record to attract the profitable JVs. So how do you drive traffic? And make it profitable? Face it. Good traffic is the life blood of any site. Whatever you can do to drive more traffic to your site, especially if it’s free and targeted traffic, is great.

Of course, most experts agree that putting VIRAL traffic methods into place is an outstanding tactic to get more traffic. After all, once you do your initial promotions, the viral aspect takes over and your links begin promoting themselves. And others begin promoting them for you as well. Creating a truly effective viral traffic system isn’t easy. Experts have spent thousands of dollars trying to do it, and many fail. But when it works, it’s like magic.

A constant stream of traffic flows into your site, day and night, with literally NO EFFORT on your part. This is what web marketers dream about. Traffic and sales with virtually no effort. You make sales whether you are working on your site, playing with the kids or taking a great vacation. The Solution To Both Problems Is Here – And It’s FREE..Click the Link below..

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