Monday, February 26, 2007

Beating Adwords.

Google is SLAPPING Affiliates Hard With All of Their Changes! Learn the LATEST Techniques Showing You How to Remove All Adwords Competition & Have Google Eating Out Of Your Hand Within Days!

Dear Aspiring Internet Marketing Expert,

If you are like us, you may ask yourself the question “How can I make money Online?” The answer to this question is simple. You need to learn the real techniques that thousands of internet marketers are using right now to make great amounts of money online. We are the Wealthy Affiliates Kyle and Carson, and we’ve put together the first fully comprehensive ebook that will explain exactly how you can start making money online.

We’re not going to tell you that we’ve re-invented the wheel and have some “Miracle” system that we are going to share with you. The fact is that we’ve been around the Internet Marketing industry for so long that we know what beginners and intermediate marketers need in order to take themselves to the next level. There is so much information packed into Beating Adwords that we want to tell you about, but first an introduction is in order.

So Who Are We?

Our Names are Kyle and Carson, better known as the Wealthy Affiliates. We’re a couple of guys that started off like many of you, wondering if we could make money online. About 3 years ago we met in University on our way to getting our degrees in computer science. We decided to invest some time and a little money to find out if we could make money on the internet promoting products/services for companies with affiliate programs. We found a few markets that had a good return on investment and the rest is history. Now we are pulling in more money every month than the average person makes in a year.

We don’t think we’re better than you because we make a lot of money, and we know that with proper coaching and guidance you could also be in our shoes. We make a lot of money on the internet, $1000’s / Day, but the reality is that you could be making this much too. There is just so much opportunity and money to be made, but very few people know how to harness the power of the internet.

We are sure you’ve all heard of Google, many of you probably heard about this site by doing a search in Google. Google is one of the most innovative companies in the world and they have created a monster that enables them to make Billions of dollars a year in revenue. This Monster is called Adwords and we’ve written a guide that will show you EXACTLY how to tame this beast....

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