Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quit Smoking Right Now.

If you smoke, or someone you care about still smokes, then this may be the most important letter you will ever read, because in less than 3 hours You CAN learn how to Quit Smoking - FOR LIFE - from the comfort of your home - without patches, pills and gums, and, *without gaining any weight or suffering a single major craving - Fully Guaranteed by one of the most trusted entrepreneurs on the Internet (and a former 39-year smoker who quit by using this very program) http://ujoinfree.com/?id=28

I am an author and Internet entrepreneur. It doesn't matter whether you know of me or not, but in case you are interested you can find out a lot here.

What IS important is this: Last year, I quit smoking. Finally. For good. Forever. As easily and painlessly as the above headline states. And most important, I am prepared to help you (or a loved one) QUIT SMOKING, once and for all, the stress free way too!

And do you want to know the shocking truth about quitting that I learned after 39 years of smoking? It's easy! Before you begin thinking that here we go again with yet another bogus claim about being able to quit so easily, I have a small favor to ask.

I want you to give me the benefit of any doubt you have for the next few minutes because I want to be the person who helps do for you what someone did for me - that is to Have You Take Back Your Life! I want more than anything to help you or a loved one quit smoking, the easy way. Just like I did. http://homeincomeportal.com/obhmy365/showcase.htm

I will be soon be asking nothing more or less of you than exactly what I did to free myself from the evil clutches of smoking tobacco, but so that you completely understand how this can work for you, I first need to tell you my short story.

This is ALL about YOU so please stay with me here.

I smoked, like a champion, for all but 10 of my 49 years of living. By the time I finally quit last year, I could hardly crawl up a flight of stairs without being barely able to catch my breath. Last year I had developed a smokers cough so bad that during a hacking fit I actually tore a chest muscle. Just a few weeks prior to quitting I began waking up in the middle of the night, gasping for breath. I had to borrow a friends asthma puffer. My teeth were a sickening yellow, my eyes disgustingly dull, my skin that ungodly grayish color that branded me "a smoker" and I always seemed to be the only one at social gatherings having to hide somewhere just to steal a few puffs. I had tried valiantly to quit twice before, but failed miserably.

The Tobacco Industry kills more people in North America from Monday to Thursday of each week than the terrorists murdered in total on Sept. 11, 2001 Some family members and friends had started almost pleading with me to 'save my own life' but I was totally convinced that after failing to quit before, I was a lifelong 'nicotine addict' - and would probably be sucking on a cigarette with my dying breath. The way I had started to feel last year, it seemed like it wouldn't take too much longer..

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