Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ad Tracking Software

There are certain things you can depend on in life. Two plus two always equals four, the sun will rise tommorrow morning, and some marketers know that their ad campaign will produce $3.43 for every $1 they spend.
They'd bet a million dollars on the fact that if they take a certain action, then they will make certain amount of money.

Imagine being that confident in your marketing to know with certainty the results of all your advertising. It's like having a license to print money because when you need cash, you can just re-run one of your winning campaigns!

Adtrackz 2005 can give you this kind of security.

Internet Marketing is tough. Especially for the new marketer. Day after day you get hit with pitches for ebooks and marketing products, all designed to teach you the latest greatest internet marketing tip or trick. So you read this report and listen to that teleconference call. You try a strategy or trick, maybe you get some good results, maybe you don't.

But even if you do make money, it's not consistent or predictable. You want a systematic way of creating income on demand. You want to sleep at night without worrying where you're next sale is coming from! That kind of security comes from one thing and one thing only, to track and record every advertising action you take, and focus on those that bring results.

And That's The Ultimate Power of Adtrackz.

Adtrackz let's you see where all your traffic is coming from, and then automatically analyzes the return of investment of those sources so you can focus your time on campaigns that make money, and drop those that don't. See it here..

Information Security Software

Computer users worldwide choose Kaspersky Lab because it offers the world’s most immediate protection against viruses, spyware and internet threats. The world-renowned Kaspersky Lab disarms up to 200 viruses a day and provides unprecedented security with the industry’s only hourly anti-virus updates. The Kaspersky Spam Lab evaluates 35 million messages each day and provides updates every 30 minutes.

Kaspersky Lab truly sets the standard with a complete line of anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-hacker solutions. Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides exceptional detection rates of all kinds of viruses and rapid response to the newest threats. Kaspersky Personal Security Suite is full-scale defense against viruses, hackers and spam. It also provides exceptional and reliable protection against spyware.

Kaspersky Personal Network Security Package

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