Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Build Your Own Massive Google AdSense Empire

Other sites claim to be selling sites optimized for search engines, but the truth is most are not even close! Take a look at what Web Sites Include..

Custom H1 tags on every page (search engines love this)
Custom Title Tags, Meta Description and Meta Keywords on EVERY page. Your site is not optimized without this..

High click-through positioning and maximum number of AdSense ads on each and every page.
RSS feeds on every page for fresh, unique content daily, with a script that doesn't let the search engines know you are linking to an external site.
Short descriptions and links to more articles on every page, plus RSS feeds to defeat duplicate content filters. If you don't have this, you will never be found in search engines.

Every page has different links to more articles, keeping each page fresh, and keeping visitors and search engine spiders hooked.
Static File Names such as 1234.php, rather than dynamic URL's, helping each page get spidered easily by search engines.
Complete Site Map to guarantee that search engines index all of your pages easily.
Free Resources from to get your sites online quickly, cheaply and with the greatest impact.

Easy to follow instructions for getting your sites online in minutes. With a few changes to only 5 files in each site, you can customize the look and feel of your site, as well as link every revenue-generating page to your AdSense account. If you get stuck, we're here to help with timely support.
Customize the look of each site by changing just 2 files.
Download your sites instantly in zip format and get started immediately!
Only $99.95 for the entire 150 site collection. Tens of thousands of content rich web pages for one low price. Get it here..

Boost The performance Of Your PC

3B Software is a leading provider of utility software programs across the globe. The multimillion dollar company has sold its award-winning products in over 100 countries since launching its operations in 1997. Some of the current software titles we offer include.. Registry Repair Pro, Spyware Protection Pro, FreeMem Pro, and Auto Back up Manager Pro, Clean-Up Pro for Windows, System Utilities Pro, Net Boost Pro, and Ad Blocker Pro..

Boost The Performance Of Your PC

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