Thursday, January 15, 2009

How To Make Money From Your List

Indeed, there is an old saying that i do not particularly like but one that is applicable here. There is more than one way to kill a rat. The idea is, however, that there is always more than one way to do anything and still produce the desired outcome. Email marketing is one of those things that can be done more that one way and email marketing lists can be used in different ways to achieve the desired results of selling products and services.

The key to successfully selling to your list is to deliver quality information. Selling to your list is best done as a review of a product or service. Your mailing list is a business building tool and should be treated as such. Not everyone who is on your list will buy from you but if they are put off by the fact that you tried to sell something, it is probably a good thing that they have removed themselves.

How often you should email your list will depend on your subject matter and your own testing but one way to easily put in more offers is by giving them more emails with content. To just send sales offer after sales offer to individuals who subscribe to your list does not work. You are sharing something of yourself with your list members and as a result they know you better and trust you more. Building this type of credibility will help you sell more to your list.

Prepare your list for an upcoming product launch or event. You can create some anticipation about an upcoming product launch or a teleseminar or webinar that will be happening in the future. This is known as a presell or up sell. Start by telling your list about the product and begin to tout its advantages. For example, at the very bottom of an email marketing message you might put one bold bullet point about the upcoming product or service.

Your email message will still only cover one product or service, as it should but you can start getting your list prepared for the new product or the new service or an upcoming event. The actual email marketing message for each and every product, service or event that you send should be short, concise, clear and easy to read and act upon. These are the messages that you regularly send to your list.

Use your email marketing newsletters to educate your readers about products and services that you provide. The better informed your customers and potential customers are, the more likely they are to buy or continue to buy from you. Information is a commodity that you can provide for free but that will provide you will more future income. Moreover, a lot of people prefer try to mix their offers into an ezine style email, but the offers just gets lost amongst all that content.

However, should you only deliver sales pitches to your subscribers, after receiving a message or two they will soon unsubscribe or they will simply delete your emails. When you send interesting content, those who receive your emails will actually read them. Once you have readers of your emails, then and only then you can introduce sales offers along with your content. I strongly suggest, that email lists should only be used when you want to take people on a journey or you feel the need to introduce exclusivity and this is exactly how it should be done.

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Harmony said...

Email marketing is hard, when there are millions of spams here and there everyday.

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