Sunday, November 04, 2007

What A Career Coach Actually Does

A career coach performs many duties that include helping new business owners write a business plan, offer advice on issues that may come up while creating the business, putting new business owners in contact with other business owners and being there whenever business owners need to talk about the direction of their business. While a career coach is not needed to start a successful business, many people turn to them for guidance and support, especially if they are new to the world of business.

Most career coaches are business owners themselves, so they understand the pressures of succeeding. Some have worked in other industries and can offer years of expertise in certain fields. Most career coaches specialize in one or two fields. While they may run a full time coaching business helping different clients each day, some prefer to work with one person and may only work in the coaching business part time. Even though the skills needed to help others varies from industry to industry, career coaches are able to give general advice and listen to those who may not have anywhere else to turn.

When looking for a career coach, you should try to find one with experience in your field. Unless you have general career questions, only a coach who has worked in your field will understand your specific needs. Some coaches are available any time, while others are only available during scheduled visits, so try to determine your needs and find a coach that can facilitate them. Most people are referred to career coaches by others who have worked with them.

Once you have found a coach, it is important to outline your needs early on so you can make the most of your time. After working with the coach for a few sessions, you will begin to feel more comfortable and you can move on to other issues. Make sure your coach has the time to meet your needs so you can build your business. If you do not want to own a business but need help advancing in your career, coaches can help by becoming a sounding board offering advice and counsel when you need it.

If your job is stressful, a coach can offer ways to reduce stress and find what work life balance that you need. This is oftentimes the most difficult challenge that people face when they are looking to advance in their career. But career coaches can teach time management and organizational skills that you can use in order to make your life less stressful. They can also suggest reading materials, courses and other information sources for you to turn to when you need them. For many, a career coach can help people find their way in the corporate world or help them establish their own businesses easily.

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