Friday, October 05, 2007

Advertising Your Business Online

Any numbers of websites boldly claim that with the help of online ad options for your business you will be virtually swimming in cold, hard cash overnight. Wish that it were so. The truth of the matter is the fact that making internet advertising work for you takes time, patience and the placement of ads in the strategic places at the right time. Blindly posting links, ad banners and advertisements in the hope that someone will see them and be interested in your business is like going crossbow hunting in the middle of the night and shooting out an arrow in the hopes of bagging a deer. The odds are against you from the beginning and do not improve significantly the more often you try.

By and large, there are some tried and true online ad options for your business that have been known to show success. First and foremost of course are the online auction sites. You may not have thought of advertising your business in such a manner but when you remember just how many different people converge each and every day on these sites, you will be able to reach quite possibly the broadest cross section of society. All age groups, both genders, nationalities from across the globe, all socio economic classes and perhaps most importantly folks with a host of different interests.

The latter is the most valuable piece of information, since an ad placed in a Corvette racing magazine will most likely not reach the bicycle aficionado. Conversely, an ad placed in the home and garden section of a local newspaper will never meet the eyes of a die hard gambler. On the biggest auction sites you have a chance to meet them all. Search engines are another great way of displaying your online ad. As online ad options for your business are concerned, this mode of advertisement may be a bit expensive but there is something to be said for popping up when a potential customer enters terms that match your business. Granted, it is still a hit or miss proposition but one that will pay off nicely if you give it some time.

One of the most overlooked online ad options for your business is the online edition of your local and national papers and magazines. With more and more news junkies logging on to the net for their daily information and news, the print papers are loosing readers. Thus, print ads are slowly going by the wayside, giving up room for the online ads. Costs vary from publication to publication but generally speaking they are well worth every penny.

A somewhat overused way of placing online ads for a business is the use of affiliate marketing. In some cases this is the best way to go, but usually folks will not click on a banner and net you a sale. Instead, they may actually become annoyed by the presence of your ads, especially when some rather inventive affiliate marketers install them into popup windows. If you do want to check out online ad options for your business with affiliate marketers, keep close control over who will be approved for the ads and who will not be approved as an affiliate. Insure that rules and procedures are in place so that your ads will be displayed as they are intended and not made part of pop ups or spam.

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