Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hiring Qualified Employees

While you may have many positions available that need to be filled, hiring unqualified candidates can have serious effects in the workplace that can end up costing the company a lot of money. Because new employees need to be trained, need office equipment, salary and benefits, a lot is invested on the success of the employee. When they perform poorly, retraining or letting them go are usually the only options that companies have. Either way, the cost is much more than hiring a top performing employee.

Even though the job market is slow right now, it pays to hire only the best in the business so your company can thrive. Bad employees not only perform poorly, they may also cause other employees to leave the company. Employees who can not perform their job tasks make it difficult for other employees to complete their tasks. As a result, top performers may leave the company in search of better working conditions. This can also cost the company a lot of money.

If you hire an employee for a customer service position, they need to be able to communicate effectively with customers, vendors, clients and others who are important for your business. If the employee can not communicate effectively with others, they fail to create working relationships or bring in new business, your business may not be as profitable as it could be. Make sure that employees who will be working with the public are able to meet deadlines, work well with others and have an understanding that they need to present themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Preventing the hiring of bad employees can be difficult if you are not looking for warning signs. This can include failure to answer all questions during an interview or on an application, showing up late for the appointment, or not meeting all the requirements needed to perform the job. While you can still hire those who lack formal training but who are able to learn quickly or have other skills that will be useful, it is important to set a minimum number of goals so you can find candidates that have the ability to learn how to complete job tasks.

While you will still occasionally hire bad employees, if you create criteria when hiring, you will be able to reduce this number. Bad employees can have a negative effect on a companys reputation as well, which could deter top performers from applying for positions offered. By reducing the number of bad employees, you will improve the overall feeling at the workplace which will increase productivity. Keep in mind that while an employee may have many skills, they may not have the ones needed to perform their current job. Moving them to another department may help them become more successful.

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