Monday, April 16, 2007

Create Games For A Living

Become a professional game creator overnight. Even if you can't program, model, or even draw. I've been doing this for five years now! I didn't learn in school. I learned on my own. That's why I can teach you like no other. More time to train. More time for family, friends, and getting better each day.

Getting the best Out of your Work. No dead-ends. Go straight to What Works. Make Money From Your Games. Learn to successfully market your projects, in ways you didn't suspect. Even free games and software do great. Catch the Creative Virus. I still lose sleep because of the thrill of new project ideas. It's the best feeling.

As a Successful Game Creator, you get to choose your jobs for the fun and experience. Avoid having to accept what comes along because of necessity. There's a really interesting opportunity for independent games to be made and distributed. People Love Games. People Love a great game. There's a huge market and anyone with creativity can settle in. But you need to know how to do better than most of the competition without taking on the big guys.

145 million Americans routinely play video games, and the majority of them, 61 percent are adults, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Hundreds of thousands of them fall in love with fun games they find online, and pay up to $25 for them.. Click Here For More..

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