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Real Estate Investing

Who Else Wants The Complete, Step by Step, No Brainer Formula For Successfully Investing In Real Estate...Even If You Have Horrible Credit, No Credit, No Experience and Very Little Money? Here's The True Story of How I Bought Real Estate Without Using Any of My Own Credit, Without The Use of Any Bank and Without Begging Anyone for a Loan to Make Enormous, Rock Solid Piles of Cash To Escape the J-O-B!

If you're looking for proven methods to buying real estate without using any of your own credit or without tying up a lot of cash, then listen up because this will be the most important letter you've ever read. Here's why..

My own personal story...

My name is Derek Pierce. I have a wife with 2 kids and we live in a small town in Alabama. The total population is around 50,000 people. I believe it's safe to say that you've probably never heard of me. The reason is that I have been living "under the radar" actively doing deals for the last five years, pounding the pavement looking for the latest ways and advantages to getting more deals done.

I succeeded in gaining the "unfair business advantage" that put me ahead of everyone in my market. As a matter of fact, you can ask anyone from our local investors club who is the one person that they know that has done more deals and knows the secrets to getting deals done - they will smile and tell you to call me. How can I be so confident? Because this scenario happens all the time.

Could My Own Breakthroughs Hold the Keys To Your Fortune as a Real Estate Investor?
I remember a time when it wasn't anything like the way it is now. Heck, I was living paycheck to paycheck, working like a dog, and carrying my lunch to work just so that I could save enough funds to pay off the stinkin' Visa bill. At this point in my life, I was working for Bellsouth Communications. I left there to go to a mortgage company in hopes to learn more about real estate and get my foot in the door.

This job didn't work out and I found myself looking for another job (again). A few months later, I found myself at an all new low in my life- I was working for a used car dealership and going to school at night part time. Now, I don't have anything against car salesman, its just not for me. Within 60 days of starting in car sales, the boss tells me, "Derek, It's just not working out."

I gotta tell you I felt like a helpless job-jumper (which is really what I was doing). I went back to my office with my head hung low, shut the door, and tried to figure out what I was going to tell my "bride to be". So, I leave that day, get my resume together and get another job the very next day with another telecommunications company since I had a experience in this field. Things start to look up from here. I get back on my feet and even got promoted within a year as an outside sales representative for Powertel wireless.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Isn't life funny sometimes? You've pushed yourself to the limit, done all you feel that you could possibly do. Things are going great and then something takes a turn. It takes you out of that comfort zone that you may have conveniently put yourself in. These turns or changes keep our lives remotely exciting. So your asking - what happened?

The company I worked for was being bought out. Like many others that have been faced with downsizing, I too was seeing the effects of a big corporate buyout at the young age of 23. At this point, I was married with one kid- Devin and another kid on the way. We had house payments, car payments, among several other bills just like any body else. I remember the day they announced the news just like it was yesterday.

All the salespeople rolled into the Country Inn & Suites conference room as this is where we had all of our business meetings. We all had on neckties as this was part of our dress code and I could feel my heart "thumping" against my white, starched pressed shirt. We all were hot that day, unnerved, and biting our nails in anticipation for what could be the day that they tell us to pack up and go to the house. Our manager's name was Chad, an overweight jerk that was a real butt kisser (you know the type). Ad he entered the room, I thought he would have something positive to say, some positive spin on the news of the merger in attempt to keep the moral high.

But that never happened.

And what he would proceed to say has stuck with me from that moment on. He laid out all the new rules and said "Either learn to love it or leave....." You should have seen the looks on all the others faces. It was like they had just seen a ghost. See, the new rules meant that they were cutting our vehicle allowance out completely (which was $400 per month), raising our quotas, cutting our commissions, and canceling all of our business to business rate plans which would mean we would have work twice as much to make less money.

And so to make a long story short, I turned my notice in a couple of weeks later but this time, I would not be going back to a J-O-B. See, I had been investing in real estate part time and had gotten to a point where my part time income had almost exceeded my full time income. So, I gave my boss my resignation. That was in June of 2001 and I have not looked back since.. Click Here To Read More..

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