Sunday, February 18, 2007

Make 100,000/Yr As A mobile Entertainer.

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How a tiny ad generated 40 calls in one day for one very happy DJ! (The actual ad is included in the course!)
How to get the respect and prestige that you deserve. (Never again feel like or be treated like “Just the DJ in the corner”… Be treated like a star!)
How to get the respect and prestige that you deserve. (Never again feel like or be treated like “Just the DJ in the corner”… Be treated like a star!)

How to KEEP YOUR PHONE ringing with people begging you to entertain at their wedding (Be the most respected, in demand wedding professional in your market.)
Instantly create killer marketing materials with almost no effort!
How to ask for and get more money! (Raise your price and finally get paid a LOT more than what is spent on the hors d’oeuvres.)

The 7 instantly-effective steps to getting a stampede of gigs. (You will never again have to worry about where your next gig is coming from.)
The ultimate no B.S., step-by-step profit generating system that makes your success easy. (Make bucket-loads of cash so you can keep up with the latest technology.)
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How YOU can be THE DJ who is making thousands of dollars each month, doing a ton of gigs, having fun - while your competitors are sitting around complaining about the lack of work
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