Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Want Big ClickBank Affiliate Checks? ClickBank Buddy will rotate targeted, keyword specific, text ads on all of your web pages... on every website you own.

Now you can easily promote thousands of digital products and services offered by Merchants through Clickbank.com using keyword specific rotating text ad blocks that look like Google Adsense . You get paid up to 75% of every sale. ClickBank Buddy will Encrypt and Insert YOUR ClickBank.com Affiliate ID Into Every Link Automatically!

Now... you can easily promote several thousand products and services... as a ClickBank Affiliate... using ClickBank Buddy to automate the whole process. ClickBank Buddy is a set of perl scripts that you install on your website. Then all you have to do is... simply copy a little code that ClickBank Buddy generates for you... and paste it into as many of your web pages as you want. http://homeincomeportal.com/obhmy365/showcase.htm

ClickBank Buddy will immediately start displaying related ClickBank product Ads on your web pages. The Ads rotate to show New Ads each time the page is visited. ClickBank Buddy will automatically display products which closely match the content of your web pages... by selecting ads using the keywords you specify.

This way... by choosing keywords relevent to your site... you have control over the types of products ClickBank Buddy displays ads for on your website. You can show different keyword specific text ads on every page. This type of targeted advertising has proven to be very successful. Visit.. http://homeincomeportal.com/fp17.htm

Flowers Across America

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