Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Adsense Gold Profit Formular

Google AdSense has hit the web like a storm, allowing webmasters to finally cash in on content that just didn't work with network banner advertising (in fact, few websites ever worked well with network banner advertising).

Targeted ads with high per-click payouts meant cash in the bank but only for those who learned the AdSense profit formula ...

Isn't it about time you were one of them?

You will be, once you've learned how to implement the four AdSense Profit Points. Now I'll discuss what each one of them is and why you MUST have each one to realize AdSense Gold.

Profit Point #1: Using the right Ad Format and Placement...

The first order of business to make the most money with AdSense is to get your Click Through Rate (CTR) up. It doesn't matter how much traffic you have or how high your Earnings Per Click (EPC) is if people aren't clicking on the ads!

So how do you do it?.

Perfect Ad Placement.

In order to maximize your AdSense click through rates (CTR), there are three things you must do. http://ujoinfree.com/?id=28

Use the one ad format which outperforms the rest by far (it's not the one you think).

Put your ads in the best location on the page (and it's not where most AdSense publishers are putting their ads).

Use the right color combinations that will keep your visitors from ignoring the ads because of "banner blindness".

Because I learned and applied these three things, I tripled my CTR overnight. As you might imagine, this resulted in an amazing revenue boost, a boost that I still enjoy every day as I look at my earnings.
I know the right ad format, the best page location and the right colors to use because of the AdSense Tracker program I developed, which allowed me to track, in detail, over 92,000 AdSense clicks and almost 3 million page views over a 3 month period from a wide variety of diverse websites. I'll tell you more about that software in a little bit...

The tests I've run and data I've collected have shown me the best way to get the most clicks. http://homeincomeportal.com/obhmy365/fp6.htm

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