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Marketing And Advertising Your Business

As the owner and operator of your business, you are fully aware of why there is a need for your product in the marketplace. To you, the line of progress is obvious, with your product being the next logical step in the human need to move on and advance. But unless you are selling something that is obviously necessary to anyone with half a brain, you may need to realize that not everyone shares your unique vision. In order to bring customers around to your side of the fence, you will need to educate them on the need for your product. They might not see it themselves and you can not afford to leave it up to chance.

This education could take the form of a one on one sales pitch if your item is the kind of high ticket product that requires individual time and energy to promote. It might take the form of brochures and advertising, if the need for your product or service is simple enough to grasp in a shorter amount of time. One good way to get the word out about your product is to first convince respected members of the community about the need for it. If you are selling a particular brand of toothpaste, for example, your first target might be dentists.

If you can convince them of the need for your specific brand, you have won half the battle. If they are truly convinced, they might pass on this information to their patients. That kind of seal of approval comes without reproach and without argument. If you could convince one of these dentists to go on the record and perhaps give your product a public endorsement, so much the better. Nothing would look better on an educational brochure than the signature and endorsement of a licensed professional. This goes not just for toothpaste and dentistry, of course.

Take this example and apply it to the product you are trying to sell. If its quality, half the battle is won. Another good way to inform the public of your products worth is to participate and even contribute to the funding of public events such as fundraisers and telethons. Companies rarely sponsor these types of events out of the goodness of their charitable hearts. That may play some of the role but these companies realize that having their name linked to a nonprofit event or association is a powerful method of creating goodwill in the publics eye.

Marketing and advertising only work when the public can be convinced that they can no longer live without a certain product or service. Its your job to make that connection happen. Whether you can do it through traditional advertising, community service activities, professional linkage or another method of your own device, it must be done. Otherwise, your product will be that much harder to sell.
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