Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hiring A Content Manager

One of the primary concerns of a search engine is the quality content on a website. It looks for information that is applicable to the site and in text form, contains quality information and not simply a repetition of certain keywords. Websites found without quality information are usually not listed and often is removed from the search engines indexing.

While quality content is highly regarded, in the internet age it gets old very quickly. Updated information is seen by search engines as a quality site and carries more weight in algorithms than a similar site with outdated content. As a result, it is important for websites to offer quality, fresh content on a regular basis. While there is no magic formula dictating how often website information should be updated, most agree that monthly updates offer a slight advantage.

For companies with a full fledged internet marketing plan, a content manager can be a plus for their continued growth. They can either write the content themselves or contract with a web content provider to supply the textual information they require. Many who contract specify the keywords and length of the article and those who believe that keyword density, the number of time a keyword appears in the article, is important will also specify the density.

On average, a content manager will seek quality, informative article of between 250 and 500 words with a keyword density of between one and three percent. Again, there is no hard rules concerning word count or keyword density but these number appear to be the most sought after by content managers.

Many times content managers will be responsible for blog content and are required to enter information into a blog, separate from the companys website with a signature link back to the companys site to draw more traffic as well as supply an outside link to the site, improving their stature with the search engines. Depending on the nature and size of the website, a content manager may also hire people to make blog entries on several sites proving more information as well as more links back to the main site.

Having one person responsible for the internet content leads to better consistency in the type of articles published on the site. It also helps maintain a uniform message in the content. As more people are learning that links in graphics hold little weight with search engines, they are turning more toward keyword articles and have a need for constant updates to keep their sites fresh and attractive to the search engines. A company that hosts numerous websites can find a content manager a necessary addition to their staff as they juggle the different types of articles needed for the different types of sites.

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