Sunday, August 19, 2007

How To Form A Weekly Business Plan

Reading is becoming a lost art but reading a business plan can be very boring. Business plans are important, especially to the boss or a perspective business associate. It is best to get the facts and figures out there and not lose your audience in doing so. A contents list is a good place to start. If someone is looking for something in particular, they will know where to begin looking. In order for them to locate the information, make sure you number your pages and use a consistent heading plan.

Business strategies should be developed and progress as the project goes along. They should summarize the project as you go through each week. This would also be a good place to include the original idea for the project. Be sure to include the current status of the project. In the financial section of the report, you should include the weekly expenditures
and show the progression to the overall project expenditures.

Use Simple charts to show trends but avoid complex spreadsheets. These should be put in an appendix in the back of the plan. Included in this section should be projected income statements, cash flow forecasts, balance sheets and analyses. Remember the simpler, the better.A marketing section should be included in your report. This can show regional
competition and how you will differ from them.

A marketing analysis is a good move. Your sales plan should be based on the sales projections with current market values. You should be as explicit as possible. Do not load this section with phrases such as first to market, customer driven etc. Describe your plans or ideas as simply as possible. This section should include your plans about management teams and operational issues. These issues include production and delivery.

Using different font sizes, types, and colors will give your report an eye catching appeal. Be sure to use the spell checker. Nothing takes away from a report more than a misspelled word. Getting a second opinion from a qualified outsider is also a good idea. Now that you have completed your report, you need to include a summary or conclusion section. Its time to wrap up the report with a positive view of your business or project.

Limit your conclusion in a few short paragraphs that are well drafted. This should be
written once your report is completed. At this time, you might want to check for a few small details. Is this plan good, presentable and grammatically correct? Is the funding reasonable and the expenses correct? Have all questions been answered? Once you are satisfied with your report, get a second opinion. It is likely you will need to do several revisions. Remember that this is your business, so put your best foot forward.


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