Sunday, July 15, 2007

Choosing To Outsource Work Overloads

Outsourcing is a common practice with businesses today, whether they are home based or not. For the home business operator, outsourcing can be a great way to bring in extra income by taking on additional work. You find this method used frequently with those who perform office related functions as well as in the freelance writing and editing fields.

If you choose to outsource any of your additional work, you must be sure that those you choose are equal to your abilities and knowledge or you will find that correcting the errors takes more time than it would take if you did the work yourself. If you choose to use outsourcing in your business, remember that the final product falls upon you.

Your client or customers depends upon you to deliver a finished quality product so if you hire someone else to do the job for you it will be your responsibility to make sure that any outsourced work meets your same high standards. In some business, the clients know that there are others sharing the workload but that does not mean that they expect any less than they expect if the same person is doing all the work.

Another thing a business owner must consider when outsourcing work is the client for whom he does work. Some clients, especially in the creative fields, tell you directly that they do not accept outsourcing. You could try to come in under but you are taking a chance. If someone does not want their work outsourced, do not expect that they will be unable to tell the difference and if they detect that you have outsourced any of their project, there is a possibility that they will refuse to pay you.

Since you violated the terms of the agreement, there is nothing you can do. It seems fussy of the buyer but remember, they are the ones paying, so they have the right to decide to whom they wish to give their money. In other fields such as accounting and office functions the clients do not have such a hard line on outsourcing. The other question arises whether you can make money by outsourcing instead of doing the work yourself and the answer to that question is simple. You are being paid a set amount for a project or portions of a project.

If you outsource the work, you are going to pay less to that person than you are being paid, so the difference is your profit. Think of it like a company hiring someone through a temporary help agency, the employee is paid, for example, $10 per hour but you are billed at least $15 per hour for their services. Outsourcing projects works in reverse you charge less than you are being paid.

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