Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Web Traffic Driver

Just because you built it does not mean that they will come. Wouldn't it be nice if getting tons of high quality, highly targeted traffic to your website was that easy. Sad but true. Its nowhere close to that easy.

I'm here today hoping that I am not making a big mistake by telling you about this amazing new traffic generation discovery. After struggling with the decision on whether or not to share this tool with anyone else, we find ourselves so overwhelmed with what our team of programmers have created that we're quite honestly having a hard time keeping it to ourselves.

You see, the fact of the matter is this new traffic generation system is so powerful, yet so easy to use that originally after creating it and using it with our websites for the past few months, we had decided there was absolutely no way we were going to share it on a large scale. We're still not. keep reading to see what we mean.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not sharing this big secret because I'm the type of person that just needs recognition from large numbers of people to feel good about what I've done. I have just decided it would be selfish of me not to share this with a small group of fellow internet marketers. Not to mention. Hey I'm a capitalist. Yep, just like you. You would not be reading this if that last statement wasn't true. I admit it, I'm in this game to try to make a few bucks. That's our little secret.

When I first discovered this new traffic generation technology, I was so filled with anticipation of what was to come, my mouth was literally watering. I first discussed this idea with a few of my internet marketing friends. While most all of these people asked to not be named here, I can tell you some of them are the biggest internet marketers that you have never heard of.

You Have never heard of these guys because they are the kind of people that are making so much money on the net that they do not dare make themselves known. They are smart enough to fly under the radar so to speak. You won't find these guys speaking at all the big seminars or hanging out in the internet marketing forums, for fear of someone figuring out what they are doing and trying to duplicate it.

Heck, these are my friends and usually I don't even know most of what they have going on. I also know not to ask. A few others are some of the big name internet marketing "Gurus" that already have huge email lists and tons of their own traffic generating ideas. You know the type, a twice a month tele-seminar marketer with an email list that could sink a ship.

You would recognize most of their names if you have attended any of the big internet marketing seminars lately, or keep up on all the new internet marketing software and e-books that come out on a regular basis. While both of these types of internet marketers have a lot of different ideas about marketing on the internet and would rarely agree with each others marketing ideas, if any of them were sharing they're ideas. They All Agreed On this.

Do Not tell anyone about this incredible traffic generation system. It's just way too powerful, let's just keep this one to ourselves. Well after thinking about it long and hard, I've decided. I'm spilling the beans. Yep, your heard correctly. At risk of pissing off a few of my big marketing buddies, people I highly respect, I am going against their advice and sharing this insanely powerful traffic generation system with a select few people.

Once you put my system in place, it will start earning you money sometimes in as little as a few days. The best part is that once you turn it on,it absolutely runs on 100% auto-pilot. You can actually make money while you sleep, you can make money while you're at the movies, while you're on vacation. You'll be making money on a constant basis all without lifting a finger once you have taken the first initial steps to get this amazing discovery up and running. Its Here..

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