Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blogger Generator

You Can Now Get The Exact Same Program That I Have Used *Privately* For The Past 5 Months To Generate Over $51,243 In Google Adsense Earnings!"Are Your Web Sites Failing To Rank For Your Keywords Or Are You Not Even Getting Indexed? Do NOT trash your web site business yet! You can get your web sites indexed, and you can reach the top of the search engines. Have You Been Struggling To Raise Your Internet Marketing Earnings Through Adsense and Affiliate Programs? I use to be in the same boat as you are. I only started creating Adsense web sites around July 2005. I started using the free Dynamic Site Generator program (DSG) to put up Adsense web sites.

I created a few basic programs that helped me be able to put up a lot of DSG installs a day...the only problem I had was getting them indexed. Reading around on the usual forums I read about blog and ping. Blog and Ping is still an excellent way to get your web sites indexed right now, though the "gurus" will tell you that it no longer works. What is blog and ping? Blog and ping is the process of creating blogs, then posting links to your websites on the blog. You then "ping" your blog to the main ping aggregator sites and search engine spiders will come RUNNING to your blog and then spider the links to your web pages and start indexing them in record time.

It sounds like a bit of a process, right? Well, now it has been completely automated for you. Save time! Stop having to create blogs by hand, have BloggerGenerator do it for you!
Stop worrying about getting high page rank links to your websites to get them indexed or ranking - use Blogger blogs instead. Watch your traffic and income increase to new levels while the programs automatically work their magic. Creating Blogger blogs manually by hand is extremely time is the process in a nutshell.

Create Blogger Account
Create Blog
Edit Template
Edit 5 Pages of Settings
Save Data To a Text File
I practically fell asleep doing this same process everyday...So I decided to create a program to automate the creation of the Blogger blogs for me.

This was great and I made over 200,000 Blogger blogs in a 3 month period. I was generating DSG sites like crazy to the point where I had 5 dedicated servers (currently 11)! Talk about cash flow. While Others Adsense Income Had Fallen, Mine Had Dramatically Shot Through The Roof In Only 3 Weeks. The people that had started the same time as me the month before were still struggling, but my money was skyrocketing. I was back to generating my web sites again without having to worry about making Blogger blogs all day long.

Using my BloggerGenerator system you can get 10-20 pages from EACH DOMAIN indexed on within 2 days. updates faster than when a site is first getting indexed. After awhile, everything starts to even out and pulls ahead of in the number of pages indexed. The search engine that BloggerGenerator works best for right now is Yahoo. MSN gets around 1000-2000 pages indexed in a month. Google is very random with blog and ping, but when it works you can get about 30,000+ pages indexed in 2 days. Blogger Generator is the fastest way of getting your pages indexed.. Get It Here..

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