Sunday, June 22, 2008

Email- The Fax Of The Future

Nowadays, techies use both FAX machines and email in the day to day affairs and both are taken for granted. Each has its own distinctions, yet both basic perform the same function. The total convenience of conducting the rapid transmissions of text messages from one point to another. But as common and highly sophisticated email has become, this technological feature tends to do the same exact thing as FAX machines do and a lot more.

As a matter of fact, email performs FAX even better than FAX does. Messages are typed out, and then they are saved or sent to a particular address. Where as FAX machines require written messages on paper and a telephone number, email needs only an account. Yes, both need partner devices, such as another FAX machine and two computers but for email, the recipient can read sent messages anyhwhere as computers are in everywhere home, offices, stores, hotels, coffee shops, science labs, libraries, classrooms, inside vehicles and most recently, integrated into many hand held cell devices.

This makes checking email possible from anywhere. More restricted, though, is the FAX machine, which must be a particular machine in a particular location. Since it has a print function, the FAX machine can not be carried about and therefor stationary. In the end, those sent messages are retrieved more easily and universally through email than FAX.
It is for these reasons that email will likely make FAX obsolete in the future, which seems preferable and in design.

The FAX machine as an antique piece of equipment is not too far away and will soon fit in with the ranks of 8 track tape players, knob radios, black and white TVs that run on tubes and of course, record players and hi-fi stereos featuring vynil playing turntables. As a matter of fact, the regular phone, those still widely used everywhere, as in homes, offices, and stores, could already be considered unnecessary in light of the portable cell phone.

In the computer age, all message generation is commenced in split second fashion by the push of a button and that really is all that is necessary and important when it comes to all everyday communication. When it comes to business, this is especially significant, especially when it comes to the fact that transactions are committed at lightening flash speed and must be so because of on flowing productivity.

Because business is becoming more and more demanding as time goes on, email will someday likely be the sole form of trade and communicative exchange. Specialized equipment is giving away to the simplicity and convenience require for all growing needs of consumerism and commercial ventures. But change is inevitable and desirable. Without it, nothing new happens and society becomes stagnant and constricted. Its inevitable, then that FAX machines, like many other past innovations, must eventually give away to the future. And the world is constantly preparing for it.

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