Sunday, May 25, 2008

Preventing Discrimination Lawsuits In Workplace

Sometimes its very difficult when you have a business to know what is going to rub someone the wrong way when you are advertising or writing descriptions of the products you sell. Its easy enough to make the mistake of attempting to describe a product as one that will appeal to certain groups of people and causing others to feel you are discriminating. Cosmetics and hair products that are designed for Hispanics and blacks are the most common. Sometimes its difficult to know how to write a description of a product without offending someone, so you must be very choosy with the words you use.

Besides, advertising employment is another area that faces discrimination lawsuits on a regular basis. Although some of the cases are valid, most are frivolous cases that involve a disgruntled employee who has been overlooked for a promotion or has been reprimanded for job related issues and is looking for something to justify their anger. Employers have to be very careful today to make sure that any time they have dealings with a minority employee over promotions or job performance, they have the documentation to back up their decision.

For example, if you have a choice between a black and white employee for a promotion and they are equally qualified, do not use seniority as an issue if that is not your customary policy. In this case, to avoid a potential lawsuit, you must look at other issues such as punctuality, loss of time, production standards if applicable, ability to work well with others and overall attitude. Although you may believe that because you own your own store, you can choose your customers, that is only partially true.

If someone comes in to buy something and is belligerent and unruly, you have the right to ask him or her to leave but on the other hand, you cannot refuse to sell to someone because of his or her race, religion or national origin. You can not put a sign in your window that says you refuse to serve certain groups of people. If you own a bar, you can refuse to serve people who are already intoxicated but you can not refuse to serve Italians for example. On the same score, you can not remove blacks that become unruly while letting whites stay no matter how boisterous they become. The rules you make must pertain to everyone or you open yourself up to a lawsuit.

On the other hand, that does not mean you can not open a hair salon that is predominantly for black women as long as you do not refuse service to other groups who may wish to use that shop. After all, some women from other ethnic groups may wish to use the shop just for a hair cut or style without needing the special treatments that the texture of a black womans hair needs. Its important to understand all of the issues surrounding potential discrimination lawsuits in order to avoid them.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Ways To Organize Your Business

Too many of todays small business owners are kept in the dark when it comes to the record keeping of their businesses. They hand off this unpleasant task to an accountant and keep their minds and hands free to do the more interesting and fun tasks associated with running a business. This can sometimes be unavoidable but it is in any business owners best interests to keep at least a working knowledge of the books. Anyone can fall victim to a less than scrupulous accountant. The more you know about your businesss records, the less likely you will be to become someones prey. Besides, with the knowledge and ability to take care of your books, you can cut back on what is oftentimes a very expensive bit of payroll.

There are many important aspects of keeping precise records of your financial dealings. Not the least of which is helping you avoid a major pain when tax time comes and the IRS wants to see your books. If you have not kept a clean financial record, it can be difficult if not impossible to claim some of the tax breaks your company is entitled to. Some companies ride so close to the black line, it can be those tax deductions that help them turn a profit for the year. Even if you are not running things that close, keeping a clean set of records can help you to maximize your companys potential at tax time. Most business experts will advise you to keep your records for a minimum of three years but this can be expanded to even longer when it comes to major transactions or those involving the stock market.

Keeping track of your business transactions does not have to be complicated or technological. For many years, businesses have managed the art of record keeping through a simple system of writing and filing. You can do the same or if you are more comfortable with using a computer and software then you can use that to make your record keeping even easier. A word to the wise, however. Computer files can be lost in a system crash or even a mistakenly pressed button. Make sure you take the time once a month or so to make backup files of all your important records. If you are in charge of a second business, make sure you keep the records separate.

Good, clean record keeping is vital to keep your business thriving financially and to make sure everything is going as well as you think it is. Day to day operations can create a can not see the forest for the trees mentality. If you have the records and an easy system with which to look back over your numbers, you will never have to rely on feelings and memory to know whether or not your business is doing well.

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