Sunday, December 09, 2007

Running A Family Business

Working with your spouse can be a great way to enjoy work. You know each other better than anyone else that can make working with him or her easier than working with a stranger. You know their work ethic and habits, this leaves no surprises to get in the way of working together. You are also better able to solve any work conflict that could arise.

When working with your husband or wife you are able to be yourself. No putting on a show to impress the boss. You are also able to bring out creativity in each other. When spouses work together there is freedom. You can throw out business ideas and come up with amazing results. Often when working with others there is a lot of competition among employees. When you work with your loved one there is only the goal to succeed and you are working together as a team. Working together can also bring you closer as a couple. Its satisfying to create something together to care for your family.

It eliminates the argument of who is the better provider. You learn even more about each other and become appreciative of your partner for their work abilities. You may be quite impressed to see what they do bring to the table. You can laugh together. Work can be serious when it needs to be but you can make it fun as well. There is no better way to enjoy working with your spouse than cutting up and creating a smile. This will help you both to be more relaxed and to let go of some business related stress

You and your spouse can also create needed time for your family. By working with your spouse you eliminate the need to work opposite schedules. An example of this is the wife works first shift or a seven a.m. to three p.m. The husband works second shift or three p.m. to eleven. This allows them to have one parent with their school aged children. So many parents are faced with this and by working together this is eliminated.

There are so many factors that make work an unpleasant and stressful environment. When you choose to work with your spouse through your own business, many unneeded stress causers are eliminated, allowing you to enjoy working. You bring yourselves closer together, resolve family related conflicts and bring laughter and joy to your work place. You can not ask for a better
business partner than paring up with your spouse. So if you had any doubts about working with your spouse, weigh the positive against the negative reasons. You are sure to outnumber those negative ideas. So make that decision to work with your loved one and create a fun, free willed work environment.

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