Monday, December 03, 2007

Employing The Services Of A Business Lawyer

Some people who start their own business think they can save money by not having a business lawyer on hand. This is not a good practice to keep because if anything goes wrong and you are forced into a situation that requires expertise in the law you will be rushed into making a decision on a lawyer that could cost you more money.

What a business lawyer job is, is to know all the legalities in owning and operating a business. This means they will know all the particular laws for your state and can assist you in making the right decisions for your business.

How early should you get a lawyer? You should find a lawyer that you are comfortable talking with as early into your business venture as you can. Having a lawyer that you know and can trust will give you confidence should anything arise that you would need a lawyer for.

A business minded lawyer is going to keep in mind the size of your business, how to be most cost effective to you and the complexity of timing issues. A good business minded lawyer will be able to help you negotiate deal points, recommend different structure that will better serve you and help you set up a better plan for your business.

Your lawyer should be available to you at any time. If at any time you do not feel your lawyer is working for you, you should find a new lawyer. If your lawyer or your lawyers staff does not return your calls they are not doing their job. Your lawyer should provide you with a copy of all documents prepared by him.

It could be a red flag if your lawyer is not completely forthright with all documents he or she has prepared for you. Your lawyer should always be prompt with their actions and should do what they say they are going to do. You should also receive a rough timeline of when your lawyer will do certain things.

There are a few questions you should ask your lawyer before retaining him or her, a few of the main ones are:
1. How long have you been practicing law?
2. Have you represented companies like mine?
3. How do you charge legal fees, and exactly what expenses am I charged for?
4. What experience do you have with tax matters?
5. What advice do you give to lessen the chance of litigation?

Having a business lawyer on hand can save you time, money and offer a better outcome in the chance you have litigation issues. Having a business lawyer on hand to assist you will give you an upper hand as well as confidance.

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