Sunday, July 22, 2007

Prospecting On eBay

Are you an affiliate marketer looking to grow your list? Are you involved in direct sales and want a bigger down line? Would you like to grow your business with an autopilot lead generating system? Are you using PPC ads to get newsletter subscribers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions read on. Many people spend small fortunes on PPC advertising, search engine optimization, and other methods to get traffic to their websites. Others use direct mail and direct response advertising to get leads for their products. These people understand the value of traffic and leads, but they are ignoring a fantastic source of qualified traffic.

eBay is one of the most talked about websites in the world. Even your eighty-year old neighbor who doesn't even have a computer knows what eBay is. In fact, the word eBay has become a verb. People no longer say I am going to sell this on eBay." They say, "I am going to eBay it. Even better, because of eBay's category structure, you can get in front of people who are already interested in your products and services. This means the visitors to eBay are qualified traffic.

The problem is many people do not understand exactly how to generate leads on eBay. They think ebay is a place to sell products. eBay Isn't Just A Place For Selling Products Perhaps you tried selling your products on eBay with little success? Maybe you were productive in your eBay activities, but consider eBay a chore of listing and shipping.

You Can Do Better:

You can easily create a completely automated system for capturing the names and email addresses of people who look at your auctions. Once you've set up your system, you'll run auctions for low priced, easy to ship items specifically selected to appeal to your best prospects. You can even sell digitally delivered items on eBay and skip going to the post office.

Get this, instead of writing an auction for a different book every week like the mystery woman, you'll save time by using the same auction over and over again. You'll only have to write the auction once. Then, every time you run an auction, you will generate two types of prospects. People who looked at your auctions and gave you an email address. People who bought the introductory product. This is cheaper and more effective than PPC advertising, direct mail, and print advertising.
How It Works:

Here's the deal, we run fixed priced, buy-it-now auctions for 5 items at a price of 4.97 each plus $5.00 shipping and handling. The listing costs 70 cents in eBay fees. As a result of running one auction, we get between twenty and thirty people to look at the auction, and 6 to 10 people opt in to the newsletter. If we just looked at these numbers, we are paying between 7 and 12 cents per new subscriber. That's better than almost any PPC campaign. The lowest cost PPC ad on Yahoo is 10 cents, so you would need 83% of your clicks to result in a subscription just to match the 12 cents per new subscriber we pay on eBay. I won't even mention the cost of direct mail.

But it gets better:
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Remember, we are selling a product on eBay. (You have to sell products because eBay's rules prohibit auctions were nothing is sold.) In the example shown in the manual, we pay 92 cents for each item, and ship by Priority mail for $3.85. Because we receive $9.97 for each sale, one sale more than covers all our costs of getting the new subscribers. Well, find out more at..

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